Thursday, October 9, 2014

We need not fear, when the Lord is on our side

Sept. 29, 2014

Hello and welcome to Zuster Adams' email of the week. :)

Funnies of the week:
1. We went to dinner at one of my favorite members here, Renata. She is amazing!! She is really funny and likes to play practical jokes. We had a dinner appointment with her and the Elders and the Elders didn't know we were coming so we hid our bikes around the corner and made the dinner table only set for 4 people...then we surprised the Elders by coming out of hiding after 10 minutes! It was great!
2. We went to an appointment and the man didn't answer the door and we got a call from the Elders that a rain storm was we quickly put ourselves against the investigator's door, underneath his over hang, while it downpoured...after about 3 minutes our investigator opened the door...with us awkwardly right in front of it.
3. The Elders need an arabic Book of Mormon and we didn't want to leave our apartment to bring it to we made a rope out of scarves and lowered it off our balcony to them! It was pretty genius(my idea by the way)!
4. We went to Schiphol International Airport(the train goes there) to pick up some Book of Mormons from the Zone Leaders...the Zone Leaders parked in the wrong spot and almost got a 70 euro ticket...I felt so bad.
5. We made Elder Warner crêpes for his Birthday today!
6. Last transfer we never saw the Elders...unless it was we see them 1, if not more, times a is ridiculous!

You know every week I come to this point in my emailing where I have to decide what I want to say and it is always a struggle. You would think it would be easy but every week feels like a month so I look back at the week and I just think "that happened this week???, feels like a month ago"--Missionary Problems...

This week was incredible! We met with Charlie twice this week and wow, she is going to go places!! We had her write down her life goals and what she wants in life...She had getting baptized, go on a mission on the list, and get married(we told her she wants a Temple marriage)!!!!!! AHHHH it was incredible! Also, her friend from school wants to sit in our next lesson. She is amazing and just soaks in the gospel. I feel honored to be teaching her. We were biking along and it was about 20 minutes til' we could go home and I pulled a pass-along card out of my bag and told myself that I was going to give the card away before the night was over. We biked past the train station and I saw a kid sitting on a bench and thought "I need to give him this card." I kept biking and then I told Sister Heilner that we needed to turn around and talked to him. We did and he is awesome!! We are meeting with him later this week and I am really excited. I am glad that I listened to the spirit. On Thursday, Sister Heilner woke up feeling really naucious. We didn't know what we were going to do because we had 4 back to back appointments that day. We prayed that she would get better. She felt fine for our first appoinment which was an incredible miracle! We taught our investigator Mameyaa from Ghana. It was one of the coolest lesson ever! We taught about the Temple and how she can be sealed to her family forever. She loved the idea of being able to have her family forever. She also realized that it is only possible in the Temple. I asked her, if she would prepare herself to be sealed in the Temple(basically asking her indirectly to be baptized) she said yes!! She said she wants to talk to her husband about it and help him see why it is important! It was amazing! She wants eternal blessings!! Right after our awesome lesson, Sister Heilner started to feel sick again. Our next appointment miraculously canceled and we were able to go home and rest. She recovered and we were able to teach our other lessons that day. The Lord knew that Mameyaa needed to have that lesson so he allowed Sister Heilner to feel okay so we could teach. The Lord is in charge and if he wants us to teach, we will teach. We have some incredible investigators. One of our other investigators Vivian is going to pray this week to know if what we are teaching is what God wants him to follow! I love teaching people that are ready and open to learning.

We also taught a lesson this week where the people were not open. It was the worst lesson of my mission. The spirit wasn't there and I didn't feel the light of the gospel afterwards. I am learning that those that want to learn and progress, are humble and willing to learn. I need to be more like Christ's disciples and sit at his feet humbly waiting to learn. Rather than being one of the pharisees trying to find fault with what the master is teaching. I don't think I am necessarily a phaisee but I am not always humble and ready to learn. I am grateful that my Savior is patient and loving with me. I am learning a lot and learning that the Lord truly prepares us for what is ahead and never wants us to be afraid. We need not fear, when the Lord is on our side!

Vrees niet, ik ben met u!

Zuster Adams

Attached is the picture of the "Surviving Seven" or the "Zeker Zeven"  It is the sisters that are staying after all the other sisters leaves...we will be here as all the replacements come for all the sisters leaving...crazy! Also, of our adventure at the Schiphol International Airport--I AMSTERDAM

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