Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...FALL!!‏

Oct. 6, 2014

Sorry to disappoint every
one this week but I don't really have any funnies. I do have one that my companion found funny this week.
-She was in the bathroom washing her hands and I said to her that we would save so much time if we didn't have to use the bathroom. I mean think about it, can you imagine how much time the average person will spend in the bathroom during their lifetime?? It is a lot ot time! So the trick to life is to limit your time in the bathroom...just kidding! :)

This week was overall just a good week. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. It was just good! We had a lot of appointments. Our investigators are progressing and I keep wondering how I can be so blessed. We have investigators that truly desire to know the truth. They are keeping their commitments and studying for themselves to find the truths of the gospel. I am getting a taste of what it will be as a mother to see my own children keeping "their commitments." This gospel brings so much clarity into our lives and I can't complain righ now. Being a missionary is amazing and I love serving here in Lelystad!

The most wonderful part of this week was that it is starting to look like and feel like fall. I LOVE fall!!! It is seriously the best season ever. The trees are starting to change colors and there is just this feeling of happiness in the air. I sound pretty ridiculous...but it is true!! We spent our Saturday afternoon at a member's home, gardening and picking apples! It was wonderful! The Elders were there with us and we had quite a bit of fun. The family has a trampoline so we used the trampoline to pick apples. Elder Warner said it was the most fun he has had his whole mission. Our hearts were racing and we just couldn't stop smiling. Missionaries do run across simple joys like jumping on a trampoline very often. Those minutes on the trampoline will keep me going for at least the next 6 months! It was hillarious to watch the Elders jumping together. They were laughing and giggling. It was so good to see them enjoying themselves!

I don't have much to tell this week but I want to encourage everyone if they haven't watched General Conference to watch it!! I learned so many things and had a lot of my prayers answered. The prophets and apostles are truly men of god, chosen to lead Christ's church upon the earth! I feel a lot of comfort knowing that the prophets and apostles will never lead me astray. We attain our own exaltation but we can be helped by following the words of the prophets!

We are all children of God and God wants us to attain our potential! I hope that I can attain my potential and truly reach for the best and not just the good!

Fijne Week en Tot de Volgende Keer

Zuster Adams

Attached are the pictures of our fun on the trampoline!

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