Thursday, October 9, 2014

Great Grandkids are like Popcorn...‏

Sept. 15, 2014

What an incredible week it has been! I went to 3 conferences from Elder Ballard and 1 of those was with Elder Bednar. It was a truly spiritually uplifting week!
One of the things that was hillarious this week was that Elder Ballard in the 3 conferences he spoke in told the audience that once you start having great grandchildren, they just start popping out like popcorn. That was probably one of the funniest things I have ever heard. 
In regards to missionary work this week, we had some incredible lessons and somehow, taught 14 lessons this week!! I don't even know how that happened considering we were gone for an entire day this week. The Lord truly is blessing us. We got dropped by one of our investigators this week. It was sad but she isn't ready yet. I hope someday she will be. Then we picked up 6 new investigators(3 were a family). It was really cool. We taught an awesome lesson to this guy yesterday. He was asking so many awesome questions about the Book of Mormon and the Priesthood. I can't wait to teach him again. We also taught 3 first lessons this week and those people all said that if they found out the Book of Mormon was true they would be baptized! It was so cool!! 
I want to share now some of the things I learned from Elder Ballard and the other general authorities.
-Sister Hallstrom told us that when the Lord knows our hearts, we secure ourselves Holiness. I want to give my heart to the Lord so that I will be holy.
-Elder Bednar spoke about bursting the bands that hold us back. We so often pray for the bands to be broken, when we should pray for the power and strength to break the bonds that hold us. I loved that!! We must pray as agents and not as objects.
-Elder Dyches read us a quote which I loved "The years teach much, that the days never know" I loved that because I look back on where I have come on my mission and every day doesn't seem like much but when I look back at the months, I can see some incredible progress. We may think that the days don't matter but the days accumulate into so much more.
-Elder Ballard counseled us to never let anyone pass us because we have to remember the worht of their sould an dthe price that was paid for them and me. We often think that some one won't accept the gospel or want to hear about God. But Jesus Christ has paid for them all and he loves them and we must love them too. Elder Ballard also told us to discover Heavenly Father and to build our relationship with him. If we do so, the Lord will discover us. 
All of the General Authorities expressed the need for simplicity in teaching and in many other things. I learned that as I focus on the simple things, my life will be easier and so will those that I teach. 
We found out yesterday that Sister Heilner and I will be staying here in Lelystad for another transfer. I am excited to implement the things I learned. I feel more ready and spiritually boosted to face whatever the Lord has in store for us. 
Miracles will happen and my faith will grow! 
Fijne Dag en Groetjes,
Zuster Adams

Side note--Same trip, Elder Bednar came to Allison's home stake (in Germany), with her Dad, Josh Adams as Stake President.  Josh and Shirlene Adams smiling behind Elder Bednar.
Bishop Emmanuel Odro from Breda.  Allison's first area.

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