Friday, March 27, 2015

I'm Speechless

March 16, 2015

Funnies for the Week:
1. I contacted a man on the street the other day...after trying to hand him a card, he exclaimed in english "you scared me, don´t EVER do that again." It was so funny! I will never contact him again...sorry! 
2. A local grocery store has been giving away free little plants that you have to plant and help grow. We have 3 of them at home and they still haven´t grown. I have been pretty vigilant about taking care of the plants and still they haven´t grown. We were knocking doors and in almost every window there were these small plants and they were all growing. I exclaimed "Sister, Everyone else´s plants are growing faster than ours." I was so sad. Sister Mashburn laughed at me for being so distressed about it. 
3. I got the hiccups one day last week. We were walking kind of slowly down the street and this lady tried to pass us and right as she did, I hiccuped rather loudly. She got scared. It was pretty funny! 
4. We made up a bunch of words this week. One was, I am a shrubber because I cut our shrubs in the back yard.
5. We were on the tram and this little kid was sitting behind us and told his teacher that he called 112 the other day(he was very proud...) 112 is the equivalent of our 911 in America. It was pretty funny. 

This week was incredible!! I am honestly speechless!! It may have been the most miracle filled week on my mission. Tuesday was amazing because a member gave us a referral for her friend! Her friend wants to take the lessons and we called her yesterday and she is super excited! On Wednesday, we went to Weesp again and knocked basically the whole city. We knocked for probably 3 hours straight. We ended up teaching a lesson to this non-religious woman on the door. It was so cool! She told us that we are always welcome back. We also talked to a man on the train that wants to come to church next week! The weather was also incredibly warm and beautiful! Thursday we decided to go to Amstelveen to look up one of our referrals. While in the metro, our referral Kim called us back!!! We had tried calling her a few times but she had never answered. She called and was so excited to talk to us. She is 20 years old and had a Book of Mormon but wants to learn more. She had done a bunch of research online about the church and wants to meet with someone because she loves what she has found. It was incredible!! I literally was jumping up and down!! We tried to set up an appointment on Sunday but it didn´t work out and we haven´t been able to get a hold of her since but I know that things will work out. We will get a hold of her. She is too positive to just disappear. We were so excited! We went and knocked entire neighborhoods in order to get to our other referral. We found a young man named Benjamin! We got to our referral and no one was home. We were disappointed but felt strongly we needed to keep knocking in the area. So we kept going and we met the person I have been praying to meet my whole mission. I have been praying to find a Dutch family. This super incredible young dutch mother opened the door. We bore testimony of the restored gospel and invited her to read in the Book of Mormon and to pray. She promised she would do it and pray with her husband about it. We are going to call her in a month to see what she thought. It was amazing!! I was so excited. Then 2 doors down we taught a lesson to this other man and he almost took a Book of Mormon. Friday, I went to Mission Leader Council and learned a lot about how to help misisonaries. It was great! Saturday was a great day as well!! We had about 2 hours left in the day and headed across town to do some look ups. On the metro we taught a first lesson and invited the man to be baptized. He took a Book of Mormon and said he would pray about and read. It was super cool! We got his number so we will call to find out how it is going. We did our look ups and no one was home. We were kind of discouraged because it kind of felt like we had wasted our night. At the last look up we prayed that the door would open and if that wasn´t the will of the Lord that he would show us his will. The door didn´t open so we walked around the corner and there was this young woman walking down the street. We stopped and talked to her and she said that it wasn´t a coincidence that we met her. I told her that we had prayed to find her. She was touched and told us that she had just her some bad news about her family and could tell that God had sent us to her. We asked to pray with her and after we were done she told us that she couldn´t describe the joy that she was feeling. She felt comforted and loved. We got her number and will make an appointment with her soon. It was amazing!! The Lord always has a plan! Yesterday, we were going to go across town again and before we left our apartment I prayed and told Heavenly Father what we were going to do. I told him that if we weren´t supposed to go across town then he would need to stop us. We started biking to the metro station and I thought about the only thing that will stop us would be a phone call. As soon as I had that thought, the phone rang. There was a woman at the church from another country that wanted to talk to the missionaries. We turned around and went to the church. We met this incredible woman from Peru that has been a member for a little less than a year. She has been in the Netherlands for 3 months and has been trying to come to church but unable to because her family here isn´t supportive. She was so excited to see us and told us how she reads her Book of Mormon every day. She goes back to Peru in 2 weeks but we got her in touch with the elders that are closer to her than us. They will see if they can get her a ride to church. She might be able to go to church in Lelystad!! It was incredible! Sometimes I get worried about how anything is supposed to work out and how we will find people. This past week reminded me that we are just the instruments. Heavenly Father does all of the work himself. We just need to follow his will and do everything that he asks. If our will is in line with his then we will never go wrong. I feel so blessed! The Lord is hastening his work and we are here to help in what little way we can. I love being a missionary!! I love seeing the hand of the Lord in everything I do! 

I have been looking back on my mission lately and thinking about who I have become and what I have been able to see. I have changed a lot. I am different. I am stronger and more confident. I know who I am and who the Lord is preparing me to become. Unto whom much is given, much is required. I feel that the Lord is blessing me but he will require all of me. I am learning how to sacrifice all I have and give it to the Lord. I love this gospel and everything that I am learning. I love being refined. It may hurt but at least we are becoming more like our Father in Heaven. The Lord blesses us every day! We must look for his blessings!

Wonderen gebeuren!! 

Zuster Adams

Monday, March 9, 2015


March 9, 2015

Well this week has been wonderful!! My new companion is amazing and life is just good!! 

1. On our p-day last week...we may have accidently walked through the red light district...a member was trying to take us to a bakery and we got a little lost. Lets just say that I have had the real Amsterdam experience now. Don´t worry though, we were there for 2 minutes, realized where we were and left! Crazy!! haha
2. We went to an appointment this week and the bus stop we got out at was Eeuwige Jeugdlaan. Which means, eternal youth! We were pretty excited!! 
3. I was a bit clumsy this week...I may have left the keys in our apartment. So we called our zone leaders(who have a spare key) after the Elders tried to break in with a clothes hanger. We felt bad because they live pretty far away and have no car. Also, they had been in Amsterdam earlier that day to meet with me and discuss our Zone. I felt so bad. Anyways, they came to Amsterdam and gave the key to the AP´s, who live across the street. We get home at 9pm that night. The AP´s give us the key. The key fits in the door but won´t turn. We have the wrong key!!!! So Sister Mashburn, the elders, and I sit out on the curb until 11pm while the AP´s drive to the office and get us the right spare key. It was terrible. Thankfully, it wasn´t too cold. Never again will I forget the keys in the apartment. 
4. Also, we managed to get lost quite a bit this week and take a lot of the wrong trams... oh well! 

I´m not quite sure where to begin! This week was so amazing! Tuesday was a wonderful day. We met with our investigator Karlijn and watched the movie about President Monson. She really enjoyed it and I had the opportunity to testify to her that the Lord has a big plan for her and that plan includes baptism, temple marriage, and having a family someday. She knows the gospel is true. She just needs to put her fears aside and exercise some faith!! She will get it! We also met with Justin and decided that we wouldn´t meet with him anymore. He is a great young man but not willing to learn. He refused to pray and ask God if what we were saying was true. I was disappointed. But that is okay, someday he will hopefully come around. Wednesday, I said goodbye to Sister Karlson! She is wonderful and I love her so much! She will do amazing in Utrecht! While I was waiting for Sister Mashburn, Sister Bradley and I decided to go outside the train station and go contacting. It was so much fun and we almost placed a Book of Mormon. I am going to do that every transfer day from now on! Sister Mashburn is amazing! We are having so much fun already! We saw a lot of cool miracles this week. We had a first lesson with this man that called me a week ago. He was incredible and before we even started teaching told us that he has never made a decision with religion but if he did it would bring peace to his life!! We taught a wonderful lesson and the spirit was so strong. He prayed and it was a beautiful prayer. I will never get tired of giving first lessons. You always feel the spirit so strongly! It is incredible. Hopefully, we can meet with him soon. Last Sunday, this lady named Katie showed up to church with her mom from England. I talked to Katie and set up an appointment to come have dinner with her and her husband. She has been inactive for the past few years. We had the most incredible dinner appointment with them! Her husband Sam is so nice! He isn´t a member but is obsessed with family history work. We talked to Katie about church and she told us that she wants her records to be requested and she wants to come back to church. She came to church on Sunday. She cried during sacrament and you could tell that the spirit had touched her. Heavenly Father is working with her. I asked her afterwards if we could meet with her every week and teach her the lessons! She said yes and wants her husband to be there. It was amazing!!! I am so excited to work with her. Sister Masburn and I love her so much! We also had some really cool conversations on trams this week. We got on the wrong tram and it turned out to be a blessing because we met this man named Michael from Uganda. He wants to come to church and invited us to visit Uganda! It was awesome! Hopefully, he will be in church next week. 

Sister Mashburn and I have big goals for this transfer. We are going to, with the help of the Lord, baptize 2 people this transfer. Salvation is our motivation!! We know that amazing things can happen in Amsterdam and we are going to work hard to have them happen! Heavenly Father is in charge of this work! There were so many times this week when things didn´t go according to plan but ended up working to our advantage. You never know why certain things happen but I do know that everything happens for a reason. Sister Mashburn and I are going to work and laugh a lot this transfer! What better way to get through life? Have a great week and know that Heavenly Father is in charge! 

Zaligheid is de motivatie!!

Zuster Adams

Windows of Heaven

March 2, 2015

This week was so amazing! After a very hard transfer of having hardly anyone to teach, the Lord has truly begun to open the windows of Heaven and pour down blessings upon us!
1. We knocked an apartment building this week and a man comes out from the very top floor and starts yelling down the 5 story building at us. We tell him that we are from the Church of Jesus Christ (mind you, yelling dutch is really hard with all the guttural noises we have to make...) and then he responds with `Church! Church is bad for people...No no no!!` We laughed pretty hard after that. He sounded hillarious!
2. A 30 year old man told us that he couldn´t talk to us because he was home alone...strangest excuse I have ever had.
3. We got locked out of our apartment because I forgot the keys...skilled, I know...:) Anyways, we have a fence around our backyard and I knew that the back door was unlocked...we just needed to get over the really high fence. I called the Elders who live across the street to come help us out. They were there in about two minutes, bless their souls. Elder Harrop climbed the fence, avoiding huge nails on the top of the fence to keep away the pigeons and cats and got our front door unlocked. What would we do without the Elders?
4. We went to Amstelveen with the Elders to do lookups. Once we got there we split up and didn’t see them again. We got on our second metro after some issues with tickets and we look over and there were the a city as big as Amsterdam ending up on the same metro is highly unlikely. It was cool though.
5. We had Zone Conference and President Robinson told us that God knows more about us than Google!! Hahaha thank you President Robinson for that comforting thought. :)
Well I don’t even know where to begin with the miracles that we saw this week. We started out with a wonderful p-day in the Rijks museum! It was so much fun! Then that night we found a potential! Tuesday, we had Zone Conference. It was so good!! I felt so motivated afterwards. I had the opportunity to speak to the sisters for about 5 minutes and it was really good to share with them their potential and what the Lord has in store for them. I felt the spirit really strongly. We also got to watch Meet the Mormons!!! It was so good!! I was so impressed! Also, a bunch of missionaries in our mission have been on tv recently for different tv shows that wanted to film the missionaries. It was awesome to watch them! We are getting tons of attention down in Belgium!! I am hoping to get the publicity to come up to Nederland! I can just feel the work progressing in the mission! We have been asked to proselyte 20 hours a week. Because people are making sure to get 20 hours in, the mission statistics have doubled!! It has been truly incredible! My companion and I got 20 hours for the first time this past week and I was so excited!!! I truly felt the blessings of following through with getting 20 hours. Later tuesday night, we were walking to get our bikes and our phone rings. It is a number that I don’t recognize. I answer and it is a man that wanted to thank a sister missionary that had served here 1.5 years ago for visiting her father in the hospital. It was incredible! I talked to him for a few minutes and then asked him if he had ever met with the missionaries. He said he hadn’t and I explained what we do and then testified that it what we have to share is true. He hesitated and then decided to meet up with us. We have an appointment this coming week!! We went to look up a referral (ended up not being interested) and knocked the area. Found an amazing Indian woman and we have appointment with her on Wednesday. Friday, we went to the beautiful city of Weesp to look up another referral we had. The referral wasn’t home so we started knocking. The first door that answered was a really nice father and his little 1 year old son. He told us that he had met the Elders the day before and they had given him a card. I asked him if he had looked it up and said that he hadn’t yet. He said that it was no coincidence that in two days he had 4 people try to give him a card. He promised to look up the website! He was obviously touched by the odd coincidence. He was amazing! I hope he looks and something touches him. The odd part to the whole story is that, we asked the Elders and none of them had been to Weesp. We have no idea how that man had met the Elders the day before. The Lord knows where there are people and he makes sure the receive the gospel!! Heavenly Father lead us right to him! Why do we ever doubt that the Lord is in charge? We had an amazing Correlation on Saturday and decided to start working on getting the members more into social media and make sure they all have profiles. The internet is an amazing way to share the gospel!! I am excited to work with the members to get on board. Sunday was wonderful! We looked up another referral and she was home and we set up an appointment with her. We met a man on the metro and set up an appointment with him. At Church there was a member from England and her daughter lives here and we were able to set up an appointment with her. The daughter is inactive and married to a Dutch man. I am hopeful!! Also, we ran into a member on the street and they had us over for dinner. It was such an incredible week!! Heavenly Father is so mindful of us. We go through hard things and we could sit and ask why, all day long. There is no point to that. Heavenly Father knows what we need and what is in store for us. I didn’t know we were going to see so many miracles this past week. But I am grateful that I worked to see them. We didn’t do anything different with our missionary work this week. The timing was just right and the Lord was ready to bless us. I am so grateful to know that my Heavenly Father is in charge and that he has a plan for each one of us! He knows when we need to be tested and which blessings to give us! I love this gospel!
I have exciting and sad news...we got transfer calls last night. Sister Karlson is leaving me...she is headed to Utrecht. She isn’t too thrilled but she will love it! I will be getting Sister Mashburn as my companion. She was trained by my old companion Sister Heilner. It will be fun to work with her!! This coming transfer should be a little less crazy. I am only Sister Training Leader over one set of sisters rather than 4 and I will not be training anymore. I am anxious to get to work and see what the Lord has to teach me!
De Fensters van de Hemel zijn open!
Zuster Adams

One Day at a Time

Feb. 23, 2015

Well this week was definitely harder than I anticipated and I learned a lot from it. I don't have a ton of time today so I will keep it short. 

The week started out good with a really great p-day. We went ice-skatin with the Zone. It was so much fun and my companion is a pro-skater. She skated circles around me but I am happy to report that I only fell 3 times. Improvement from the last time I went and I fell 9 times. Maybe one day I will be able to skate better...The next day was generally good but I realized that my companion was struggling a lot more than I had realized. It was honestly, a bit overwhelming because I wasn't sure how to help her or who the Lord needed me to be that day. So we spent the day talking and I tried to figure out what she needed. The next morning everything kind of fell apart. We were supposed to be leaving the apartment to meet up with other sisters to exchange and my companion just broke down. It was scary and I wasn't sure what to do. It was much worse than the day before. She was very discouraged. We talked and we decided to get down on our knees and pray that the Lord would help her know why she was here. We ended up going on exchanges which meant that I did not see my companion for 3 days. I told her to take that time to find out why the Lord had called her here because he needed her and he loved her. I have never felt so much love for anyone in my life. I could just feel how much Heavenly Father loved her and how much he had in store for her if she would just hold out. I felt the Lord truly guiding everything I told her and helping me know what she needed to hear. We did go on exchanges and I didn't see her for three days. In those three days lots happened. I had 2 sisters come to Amsterdam to work with me. I had a ton of fun with them and found some awesome people to teach. On Friday I went to a Mission Leader Council and discussed how things are going in the mission. My companion had a good 3 days. The Sisters she was with went out of their way to help her and love her. It was wonderful. My companion is doing a lot better and this whole experience has taught me a lot. It has taught me that you take one day at a time. I didn't know how to help my companion and didn't know that there was a problem. But when things unfolded the Lord helped me in exactly the way I needed. He told me exactly what to do and what to say. It was incredible. I also saw how much Heavenly Father loves each and every one of his children. He made sure that my companion was surrounded with people that loved her and could support her. The Lord guides and knows exactly what we need to go through in order to become who we need to be. The Lord has big plans for my companions. Her struggles will only make her stronger and maybe some day she will help another sister just like herself. We never know entirely why we go through the things we do. But I am learning that it doesn't matter the reason. What matters is that we trust in Heavenly Father and trust that what he is doing will be good. There were times this week when I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't know if my companion would be okay or if I would be able to juggle everything that was being asked of me. But the Lord supported me and as I trusted in him, everything worked out. My companion is doing a lot better and I think she has overcome a lot of things. I love her more than anything and know that Heavenly Father does too. 

The work here in Amsterdam is still slow but this week we have lots planned!! The sun in shining today and I know that the future is as bright as we make it. There is lots to be done and I am ready to get to work. Never forget how important you individually are!! The Lord has a plan for each and every one of us!! 

Ik weet dat de heer van ons houdt! 

Zuster Adams

Spring is in the Air!!!

Feb 16, 2015

Funnies for the week: 
1. This week we really struggled with public transportation. We took multiple wrong buses and trams and metros. But its all good. We made it to all of our appointments with the help of Heavenly Father. 
2. Sister Karlson's bike got a flat tire and the elders attempted to fix it...It didn't work. It was pretty funny to watch them try to fix it though. 
3. I was on exchange in Ijmuiden and we were walking around the centrum(town is really small so one street back and forth). We were trying to find people with the hour we had left. We saw this man and a little bit ahead of us...we decided to walk fast(He was walking away from us) and try and talk to him. Well he turned around and saw us...awkward. We proceeded to stop following him. 
4. Sunday was a struggle...:) We were baking cookies and forgot that they were in the oven. They were black. Later, I tried to warm up the butter because my companion had made homemade rolls(so good!!). Well I forgot that the warping of the butter was made of aluminum foil. It caught on fire...terrifying. No worries, we were okay. Then we went to our appointment and we needed to get to the Church by 8:45 pm to meet the Elders. We got out of our appointment at 8:30 and walked to the bus stop. We were 500 meters away when we watched the bus drive away. We were so sad...We could wait for the next bus or walk. We walked all the way to the Tram stop near our home about 2.5 km in 20 minutes. We were walking so fast and we made the Tram to get to the church. It was amazing. We were tired to say the least. Somehow we made it only 10 minutes late to the church. Sunday was a weird day. 

This week was really good. A little bit of a struggle but still really good. We met with our ward mission leader at the end of the week and discussed what we need to do to help Amsterdam. We decided that we need to look for families and need to be praying to fill certain callings. We need to build up this ward and find some needed people to fill leadership positions. So we are going to be working together with all the missionaries and the ward to make this happen. We announced it to the ward council and they seemed very enthusiastic. I am excited to find families and make things happen here. We met with our investigator, Justin. We taught him the Plan of Salvation this past week. It was a hard lesson. He struggled with a lot of the things we taught him. But at the end of the lesson he asked us how we knew it was true. He wants to know if what we are teaching is true. I know that he will receive an answer if he asks heavenly father! We also met with Karlijn! She is amazing. She is going to work on reading, praying, and coming to church. She came to Church on Sunday and really enjoyed it. It was great to have her there. She is going to try and come next week. When I was on exchange in Ijmuiden, we saw some really cool miracles. We went to visit an older member of the ward. Her hairdresser was there as well. We were sitting and waiting for the member's haircut to finish when the member called us over. The hairdresser then began to ask a bunch of questions about evolution, god, the true church...etc. We were able to answer all of her questions and help her understand. She loved what we said and when I told her about Joseph Smith's first vision she felt something. She wanted me to explain it over again. Something touched her. After the hair cut she asked for the restoration pamphlet and promised to read it. I have never seen someone so hungry for the truth. You could see it in her eyes. I told her that I could feel her spirit and that she was a very special person. She told me that no one had ever told her that before. She was obviously touched! The sisters are going to try and get haircuts from her soon! Hopefully something comes of it! We also found someone while walking around at night. He told me that he was very interested in what we had to say...I literally had to ask him to repeat himself because no one ever says that. It was wonderful. We got his information and hopefully he can meet with the missionaries soon. 

I learned a lot this week about trusting in the Lord and trusting in his timing. Things are slow here in Amsterdam. We only have 2 investigators and not much going on. But I know that the Lord has a lot planned for Amsterdam. We have been working to get things organized within the ward and also with the missionaries. I feel like this coming week will be amazing. We have 5 referrals to look up and one of them is a Family. I am praying that miracles will happen and that the Lord will open doors! Also, it was SO warm this week! I even saw daffodils blooming! I was beyond happy! Spring is right around the corner. Also, this week I hit my year mark. I have been on my mission for a year. Not sure how time flies that fast but somehow it does. I love being a missionary and seeing all the incredible progress that I have made in the last year. I truly have changed and become a better person. I have learned so much about faith and how if we believe, anything is possible. In regards to missionary work, there is no sense in waiting for something to happen or thinking that amazing things will happen later. Miralces are happening now and now is the time for things to happen. We have to do our part to make them happen! I love Nederland!!! 

Lente is in de lucht!! 

Zuster Adams

Proselyting in Van Gogh Museum!‏

Feb 9, 2015

Now that I am looking back at this week I am realizing how much happens in one week. It really is crazy!!

1. We were biking home on Monday and it was pretty icy but not too bad. We were still able to bike so we weren´t too worried. Then we saw a motorcycle ahead of us crashed and cops trying to help him up. As we got closer they yelled us that it was icy. I thought "oh course it is icy but it isn´t that bad." Then we hit some seriously bad black ice. No worries, we got off our bikes and walked but while we were biking our bikes were literally sliding away from us because it was so icy. It was so much fun!! :) Thankfully it is above freezing now. 
2. I started doing some deep cleaning in our apartment...I am pretty sure no one had cleaned the sink in was so gross. It is now sparkling. Apparently, I have a reputation for changing apartments and cleaning them because a Sister in Groningen told my companion this week that she knew that I did that...hillarious. 
3. Sister Karlson was in Zoetermeer on exchanges thi sweek and Sister Fasavalu was here with me. We decided to go to institute and we had a marvelous time reading the dedicatory prayer for the Zoetermeer Temple. It was super cool. Anyways, unbeknowst to us...the Elders decided to do something terribly mean. We walked out after Institute and Sister Karlson´s bike was gone. Bikes get stolen all the time so it wouldn´t be unusual to have it gone. We had locked it though. sister Fa was so upset. We didn´t know what we were going to tell Sister Karlson and she had specifically told me to take care of her bike while she was gone. We went back inside and the senior couple said that they would take us home. I decided to call our district leader to tell him we would be home late. Elder Harrup answers and I proceed to tell him that Sister Karlson´s bike got stolen. He laughs and then says oh well...haha we hid it around the shed. I was so mad at him. I told him we would prank him I need to come up with something good. Dad, I hope you can help me out with that. 
4. We went to go look up a referral late one night. The person kind of lives on a sketchy street closer to the centrum. We got there and it wasn´t looking to scary until we started hearing the yelling of a crazy lady down the street. She was screaming for someone to leave her alone and screaming every curse word in the book. She was insane and definitely was not mentally sound. It made for an interesting 20 minutes. 

This week was awesome!!! It was definitely trying and a lot of adjustment but it was really good. The week started out marvelous with a trip to the Van Gogh museum. We were walking around when a security guard stopped my companion and asked who we were, pointing at her name tag. We then proceeded to tell a bunch of stuff about the churhch, give him a card, offer to set up an appointment, and find him later to give him a pamphlet. It was so cool!! He met all the missionaries(6) because we all came together. It was so awesome and totally pumped me up!! We need to be ready to teach anywhere and to everyone. The security guard told us that we just seemed so at peace and happy. It is amazing how people can see, if they open their eyes, the light that the gospel brings. Then that night we went to FHE with the YSAs. A kid that I had called from the Area Book the week before had texted and asked if he could come to FHE that night. I said yes and had no clue who he was or if he would show up. HE SHOWED UP!!! And made some good friends. We were also able to set up a first lesson with him on Friday. The Lesson went really good. At the beginning, he asked if he could take notes. It was so cool to see his desire to know and make sure he understood. He asked lots of questions and was very interested. He has been texting us with questions and been keeping really good contact. That does not happen very often. Most the time, we are dragging those we teach to make appointments and keep in touch with us. He is so cool!! His mother is filipino, father is australian and he is from japan. He is studying to be an opera singer. I have a good feeling about him. I had the chance to go back to Lelystad this week and it was really good to be back for just a day. I got to see Sister Hoole and talk with her about all her missionary work. She is doing amazing!! It was fun to see all that the sisters have done since I left(even if it was only 2 weeks). They have gotten a lot done and are seeing a lot of miracles. Wednesday, I came back to Amsterdam but I was with Sister Fa. We had a really good day of work. We found two really positive potentials. I can´t wait to go look them up. Thursday, we went and worked a lot with our ward mission leader. He is amazing and so willing to help. We talked a lot about how we can get the name of the church more known in Amsterdam. We started thinking of ideas for publicity. We are going to try and get a copy of "Meet the Mormons." We want to have a showing of it and get as many people there as we can. We also worked a lot on how we can work with the inactives in the ward. We were brainstorming and offered the idea of an open online document of all the inactives so that we could always be able to update it and so that all the missionaries and the ward would have access to it. Bronno(the ward mission leader) didn´t waste anytime. He called our mission president and asked if we could do this. President Robinson said yes! We made a google drive document! It will help keep everything situated and up to date. They then announced it in Ward Council and everyone seemed really excited about it and wants to work with the list we have made. Bronno texted last night thanking us for the idea and all the work we are doing. It was so nice to have that appreciation. There is so much work to be done here in Amsterdam. We can easily reactivate and baptize enough people to double the active membership and more. It is cool to see everyone getting on the same page and being excited to work together. Special things are going to happen here. I can feel it. I can feel that we are on the verge of something incredible. The work in the Netherlands is amazing! There are so many miracles happening and changes that are truly going to make it so the work will go forward faster and stronger than ever before. Yesterday, we were knocking doors. We knocked this door and a man opened his window up above so I began by yelling who we are. Usually I ask people if they are interested but instead I decided to begin by testifying as it says to do in Preach My Gospel. The man ended up coming down, we taught him the first lesson and asked him to be baptized, if he knew the Book of Mormon was true. It was the coolest thing ever. I have heard of missionaries doing that sort of thing but had never had the guts to try it myself. I did it!! The Lord is in this work! We received three referrals this week and have 5 in total. We will hopefully have time to look them all up! I know that we have so much work to do here. This week was hard. I struggled with knowing if I was doing the right things. If I really did anything on my mission. I prayed a lot and received a blessing. I can now say that I have done what the Lord has wanted me to do. He has been with me the whole time and will be with me for the rest of my life. This gospel is true. Jesus Christ lives. I have a Heavenly Father that loves me and he will never let me fail! Miracles are happening left and right and they will just continue to flow. People will be baptized and will be strong members for the rest of their lives. I can´t wait to see what this week holds. It will be a busy one but a wonderful one!! Never forget how important you individually are to our Heavenly Father!

Wij zijn allemaal belangrijk! 

Zuster Adams

1. My beautiful companion and I!
2. We found this horn in our apartment and I attempted to be Moroni! :)
3. We also have an awesome bow and arrow in our apartment!