Thursday, October 9, 2014

Transfer Number 2 in Lelystad Begins!!!‏

Sept.  22, 2014

I love Transfer Week when I am not a part of it! Sister Heilner and I were able to stay here in Lelystad while the entire mission changed. Some crazy things defnitely happened in regards to where every one went. It is always so exciting!! One amazing thing that happened this week is that my relief society president from BYU(I was her visiting teacher) is being trained in Almere which is in my district!!! I am so excited to see her!! I got a hair cut!!! My hair is shorter and I got some layers. Nothing hugely different but I like it!

Funnies of the week:
-We had a barbecue with the Elders this week...we had a little trouble lighting the coals. None of us knew what we were doing. After a considerable amount of time...we finally got a fire going and were able to eat.
-We did a look up and the front door had an over hang...the whole thing was covered in Giant Spiders! They were crawling all over. The sides of the doors, and the window next to the door were also covered in spider webs and spiders. It was terrifying! It took all my patience to stay calm and not freak out. The man that we were trying to find proceeded to throw two of the spiders at was terrible.
-We met a lady on the street from Thailand this week. She was very nice but decided to correct our Dutch. I, usually love that...but she also had an accent so we weren't sure if her corrections were legit. We asked some Dutch members...turns out her corrections were wrong.
-Also, we had a Relief Society activity this week and did facial masks!! It was great seeing all the ladies in the Branch with masks!

This week has been truly amazing and since this next transfer my companion are focusing on gratitude I will be expressing the incredible things that happened this week with gratitude to my Heavenly Father.
We have some incredible investigators that are making some incredible progress. We have an investigator from Suriname that told us this week that he knows baptism is coming. He is reading and truly wants to know. We had an awesome lesson with him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He wants to progress!! We had an appointment this week with a former investigator. It was incredible. We shared the Restoration with him and he totally got it. He wants to read the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church! It was amazing!! We taught yesterday another one of our new investigators. It was an amazing lesson. We were planning to teach the 2nd lesson but he had so many questions about the 1st lesson that we spent our lesson answering his questions. He made the connection that we believe our Church is the only true church on the earth and that mean that a lot of people are lost, searching for the true priesthood. He also realized that if the Book of Mormon is true that it means a lot for him and that it will change his life. Oh it is incredible to see someone connect the dots for themselves. He is excited to pray and read the Book of Mormon. I know he will receive an answer!! We taught a family this week and they invited their friend to listen to the first lesson and he now is a new investigator. They also came to church on Sunday!! Our first people in church!!! Also, a random family showed up at church and now is taking the lessons from the Elders. This is just a few samples from all the miracles we saw this week. Plus, our Branch President's wife is going to ask her two friends to take the lessons this week!!  It is amazing! When I look back at where Sister Heilner and I began 6 weeks ago, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. At the end of this week, we had 7 progressing investigators and 1 baptismal date. How is that possible when we starting with nothing 6 weeks ago?? The Lord has seen our faith and is blessing us! The Lord has big plans for Lelystad. He wants to see it become a ward with strong active members. We are looking for Kingdom Builders and the Lord is blessing us. I am so grateful that I have had the chance to serve here and see the changes that have occured. Work here in Lelystad is hard and very different from other places in the mission. But I am learning so much and truly feel myself becoming who the Lord needs me to be. I am so grateful for my chance to serve the people here in Lelystad. I know that this next transfer will be one of incredible miracles!

This week I get to sing a solo at our Zone Training! I am excited! We also have a greeny here in the city and he is a wonderful Elder!! We are having a lot of fun introducing him to all things Dutch! :)

Geloof in Wonderen
Zuster Adam

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