Thursday, February 11, 2016

Elders carrying a bed across town...on bikes

Konings Dag! Breda April 2014

Breda apron

 Temple Conference April 2014


 Tennis P-day

Biking through the beautiful spring fields

 Eindhoven Zone Sisters

 Yummy chocolate cake in the works

 Sister Heilner and I 


 Sister Spencer had a habit of getting lost
Sister Riley 

Worked with Elder Ames and Went to EFY with Elder Bitters before the mission. 


 Creepy Catholic camp...


 With Bishop Odro

 I'm dangerous

 The World Cup!!! 

 We were excited to have American Cereal! 

 Vlaai--Dutch version of Pie

 Picking black berries for cobbler

 The Odro Family

 Alina and Amanda

 My last p-day in Breda

 The School Family

Elder Bosco and Woltjen with Mattias


 The Van Geenen Family! My favorite family in Breda! 
 Haunted House in Lelystad

 I scared kids all night! 

 Turkey Bowl P-day

 Sinter Klaas Feestje

 Mijn Surprise

 Ollie bollen

 She was tired...

 The Elders looking classy


 Alastair and his kids
 The Night Watch

 We got locked out 9 times...

 Learning to draw at the Rembrandt House 

 Dam Square

 We love buying flowers! 

Filling air mattresses with a blow dryer

 Drawing the Plan of Salvation

 We saw some sketchy things...

Sister Mashburn and I

 Our Thai food date! 

 The Geese need the gospel too

Pannenkoeken with the Elders

 Fun in the Train Station

 Keukenhof April 2015

 Enjoying the spring weather

 We need to confess our sins...

 Lunch dates next to the canals


 My foldable bike! 

 It may have attacked me while getting off of a tram

 Soccer in the mornings

She's one of my best friends! 

 Katie sent me a package! 

 Our attempt at a District picture

 Daisy Chains and naps on the grass

Fun times with the Singing Elders

 Ugandan Ambassador

 Amsterdam Museum

We were obsessed with playgrounds

 Geese causing traffic jams...

 Weekly planning outside

 Konings Dag April 2015

 Katie Peel! 


We found glasses...I decided to try them out

 At the Ship museum 

 I got really cold in personal studies...

 Sister Mashburn made me try cereal with wasn't half bad. 

 Gifts from Reshma

 I fell off my bike...

Familie Zwaan

 Rose--she's amazing! 

 Leiden for P-day

 Elder Denpai

 We got two transfers together!! 

 Baby frog

Fun at the Bishop's house

 Kiss and Ride

Just Dance!

 Daily Planning got a little distracted


 Fixing my bike

Making cobbler

 It rained so much that day...

 Hasselt...longest p-day...We got trapped there with the Elders...

 Sint Niklaas! 

The Bunnies of Lokeren

Ice Cream

Ana's Wedding

 With the Twins! 

 Shopping in Brussels! 

 Kids fun day

 Peanut Butter! 

 Charlie's Baptism!! 

 Zr. Hanny when I had the Chicken Pox! 

 Sand Castles 

 Tour De France! We made it on TV. 

 Suzette and Nathalie's Baptisms

 The Mechant's baptisms

 Gentse Feest! 

Lokerse Feest

 Eline's Baptism! 

 Jo Buysse

 Linda Buysse

 Waiting for Mom and Dad! 

Last picture with my companions, Zuster Hanny and Huber.