Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Opposition in all things....

July 5, 2015

Well this week was really good! We saw a lot of miracles and are just working hard. We found out yesterday that we will be getting a third companion, Sister Huber. I have served around her before and she is great. It will be fun to be her companion. 

1. We were biking home the other day and there were about 8 ten year olds playing soccer in the street. As we biked through them I said "veel plezier" which means have fun. This little ten year old yells back "dank je wel schaat." That means thanks cutey. Oh it was hillarious. It was a Sandlot moment we decided. I may not have other men trying to hit on me but I have ten year olds :) 

2. Sister Hanny has a pirated version of photoshop at home that he dad has. Anyways, somehow we found that out this week in one of our many conversations. Well we were sitting in Sunday School and our ward mission leader is giving the lesson. The lesson was about lying. He starts naming off examples and he stops with photoshop and talks for about 5 solid minutes about how terrible it is to have pirated photoshop. Oh man, Sister Hanny and I were dying. We tried so hard not to laugh but it was too much. Sister Hanny felt pretty guilty. It was so funny. 
3. Sunday morning we were studying and our neighbors had really loud music on. I remarked that we had background music to our studies. Sister Hanny looked at me really weirdly and said, Pack Rat Music? She thought that I had said Pack Rat music. It was really funny. We have decided that all background music will now be referred to as pack rat music. 

This week was really good! We saw a lot of miracles and also had some opposition. Monday was really fun! We went to the beach and saw professionally made sand castles. It was so cool. We had an appointment with Eline that night and she told us that she wants to move her baptismal date to my last Sunday!! I am so excited! She is going to be baptized on the 2nd of August. She is incredible and so ready. Tuesday, Benjamin and Kyla (brother and sister) decided they want to be baptized on the 19th of July! They are both amazing and very ready. Tuesday night was a little crazy. We were sitting in Correlation and the doorbell rings. Jarno looked out the window and said that Nathalie was there. We were so confused but then realized that she probably thought our appointment for wednesday was actually on tuesday. Jarno thought really fast and decided we would just go along with it. He told his wife to come down and we would go outside while the Elders finished correlation. We hadn't prepared a lesson and we weren't sure what to do. We all just pretended that our lesson was supposed to be that night though. It is a miracle we did. Nathalie was having a ton of doubts about if she should get baptized. She was very worried about tithing and callings. She was doubting everything. Sister Hanny and I followed the spirit and it was a very powerful lesson. We all just testified of the blessings she would receive and that she needed to trust in the Lord. By the time she left, she had decided not to call her baptism off and she was feeling a lot better. It was so stressful and afterwards, Sister Hanny and I were so grateful that Jarno played it cool and let us just teach the lesson. By Friday, Nathalie was back to her normal self and confident in her baptism. Everytime someone decides to be baptism there is opposition almost immediately. I anticipate it. Whenever a baptismal date is set, you have to stay on your toes because the adversary will work harder on the investigator. She is doing good though! Sacrament meeting was awesome. All the members testified about baptism and encouraged her and Suzette to keep going. It was fun on Wednesday we were biking through the centrum and I hear from the car I am riding past "missionaries rock!" I looked surprised to see a member. They offered to give us water and it was great! I love running into members. We met with a lady that is less-active and had a really good conversation. She has decided to start praying again. It was a big step for her and I am hopeful that it will lead to more steps. This week was CRAZY hot!! It was so humid and sticky. Thursday night a member called us and asked if we had any fans. We replied that we had none. Within ten minutes, we had a fan! It was truly a miracle. We slept so much better that night. Although, we have been sleeping with the window open to keep down the heat and now I have about 20 mosquito bites!! Yeah!! Opposition must come with blessings. Saturday we stopped by a reception at the church. It was a couple that has no family here so the entire ward came to help and support. We stopped by to support because the member had asked specifically that we come. She only speaks english and we are her friends here. We stopped by and it was really fun. It was weird to be at a wedding reception but it was really good to support the couple. Elder Bosco goes home this week so we were harassing him about how he will be the next one to have a reception...:) not really but it is fun to harass missionaries that are going home about marriage. Sunday we were taking a train to one of our appointments and we met two girls from Utah. It was a tender mercy and really fun to talk to them. We met with Suzette. She is getting baptized on Sunday. We had a great appointment. Her mom sat in on the whole thing and told us that she felt something in church today and wants to take the lessons! We were so excited! While we were at church, a member came up and told us that they have a number for a family that wants to be taught in Lokeren!!! We were so excited!! We are being so blessed!! We have 5 baptismal dates and two referrals! I feel very blessed. I have decided that I don't really care if I have trials in the coming weeks. We are being blessed so much that it is logical that Satan will try and get us down. It won't happen! We are going to have so much fun in these coming four weeks!! I am so excited to get our new companion. I will be spending a whole day with all the elders going home because the mission president wants me to experience a testimony meeting with other people rather than just myself. So I get to stay in a hotel and chill for a day. It will be so weird!! But don't worry, I have no time to think about August 5th. I love this work and the miracles that I have the privelege of seeing. I can't begin to express my love for these people and for the Lord. I never want to leave!! 

Ik ben zo gezegend! De heer is goed! 

Zuster Adams

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