Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Live like you were dying!

July 26, 2015

Wow, we have had an incredible week full of hilarious moments and miracles!
Funnies: 1. In Dutch they have two different words for Orange the fruit and Orange the color. So we were in a lesson and my companion was telling an analogy about an Orange. She used the word for color instead of the fruit. It was hilarious when we all realized what she was talking about. The 
investigator thought it was pretty funny. 2. Sister Hanny is deathly afraid of spiders and grasshoppers. We saw quite a few this week and 
she made the funniest noises. She just about died. No worries, we protected her. 3. I got a flat tire this week but thankfully all it needed was to be pumped up.
4. We got stranded in this little tiny village and Sister Hanny needed to go to the bathroom while 
we were waiting for the bus. So we knocked a door and she peed in a random man's house. 5. I was trying to scare Sister Huber the other night. I tried. to crawled in her bed after it was dark 
in the room. She thought it was my arm so she smacked me. It was my face. She felt so bad but I thought it was pretty funny. I learned my lesson. Don't scare Sister Huber in the dark. 6. Our ward mission leader cursed in our gospel principles class. He was teaching. It was so bad 
but pretty funny. We keep it real here in Sint-Niklaas ward. :) 7. We biked from Sint-Niklaas to Lokeren in the rain yesterday. It is about an hour bike ride. We 
were worried because we hadn't brought jackets. Our wonderful investigators gave us a big 
umbrella and a poncho. Sister Hanny had the poncho and Sister Huber and I shared the umbrella.We biked side by side and with the umbrella covering the both of us. It was incredible!! It can be 
done!But we did crash right before getting home...I am okay. :) Don't bike side by side on small 
Well this week was full of miracles! We were knocking doors on Monday and met a lady. She let 
us in and we have a follow-up appointment. She is really incredible and is looking for the truth. Our recent convert, Suzette, her mother is now taking the lessons and wants to get baptized. We have taught her 2 lessons and they are going really well!! We went to teach Benjamin and Kayla 
this week and decided to invite the whole family to listen to the first lesson. They all listened and 
now Benny(the father) is going to take the lessons. They all were in church on Sunday. Benjamin 
came with a white shirt and tie too. It was amazing! I love that family!! We went and saw an 
lady this week. Before she had gone to Spain on vacation we gave her a Conference Liahona to 
read. She read the entire thing!! She said that in every talk she read exactly what she needed. 
She said that she had been changed and wondered why she has taken 10 years to come back. She was in church on Sunday and stayed for 2 hours. It was amazing! I really love her and am so glad I followed a prompting to give her the Conference Liahona. We were knocking doors another time and I felt strongly that we would find someone. The first door we knocked was a young man. He accepted the Book of Mormon and said we could come back!! It was awesome! Our big 
miracle this week was Eline! She has been taught for a while and is very ready to be baptized. 
She has been waiting for her boyfriend to get reactivated so that he could baptized her. Well it hasbeen a process and her date has changed a bunch of times. But on Monday we were talking 
about a new date. Her original date was this coming Saturday. She had told us that it wasn't going to happen because they were going to fast on that day for a new date. I told them that they
didn't have to wait until then to fast but that they could fast this weekend. They decided that they 
would. We fasted with Benjamin and Eline! Sunday, we talked to them and they still weren't sure. Benjamin needed to talk to the Bishop if he was ready to baptize. After church, we were just 
socializing when we hear the Bishop announce over the pulpit that it was just decided that Eline will be baptized on Saturday!!!! It was amazing! I felt so much joy come over me. Eline and 
Benjamin just radiated joy. I am so excited for them! Plus, it will be my last weekend as a 
missionary and I get to see her get baptized. I can't think of a better way to go home. In the 
mission field, we say that when someone goes home they are dying. So this week I had the 
country song stuck in my head "Live like you were dying." This is my last full week on being a 
missionary. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. I feel very blessed to have been able to serve my Heavenly Father. And I will leave this week with no regrets! I will put everything that I 
have left on the table. I will live like I was dying! I feel like the Lord has blessed me a lot! I can't wait to see what this week entails. My companions and I are determined to have lots of fun and 
get me ready for real life. Missions are incredible and I feel much more prepared for real life! Can'twait to see Eline baptized! It will be amazing.
De tijd is zeer kort, Zuster Adams

Pictures: P-day in Gent! 

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