Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Belgium Life!

June 8, 2015

This week was amazing! I feel like I am getting the hang of things here in Belgium. People still can't really understand me but thats okay. :) 

1. Correlation is awesome! We have a drawing contest with the elders every time. We destroyed the elders. We drew all the things that we talked about at dinner and Jarno (our ward mission leader) loved it! Apparently, the sisters have winning 9-7! 
2. My companion and I love Saturday's Warriors so we sing it basically every day. It is wonderful. 
3. We got home crazy late Saturday night because of a fireside and the next day we were exhausted. We came home for dinner and literally fell on our couches and slept for a half hour. I wonder if I will ever not be tired...probably not. 
4. This week our power went out and it was out for probably 5 hours. It was terrible but thankfully it came back. 

Belgium is amazing! Everything is old and so beautiful. Lokeren is a cutre little twon. Food here is amazing. Desserts are way better...I love dutch desserts but the Belgians know how tit is done. The ward is amazing . They are so on top of missionary work. 2 Familes said that 1 night a week their homes are open for people to be taught. And every dinner appointment wants us to invite investigators. The ward mission leader is amazing! He has us doing a summer vacation program with the members to help them keep up with their scripture study and temple work. I am so excited to work with the members. He is so on top of things. It is nice being told what to do rather than coming up with my own ideas. We call him every night to check in and to let him know about missionary work. Wow, I love it here. We had a lot of miracles this week! 

We are teaching a members 3 kids. They are amazing! We taught the oldest son the first lesson this week and he really liked it. The husband sat in on the lesson and said that he will come to church when he is ready. It was amazing! I am hopeful for the whole family. We are hoping to set baptismal dates with the kids this week. They also came to the Singing Elders concert and really loved it! The singing elders Concert was amazing! The spirit was so strong and people were very touched. An elder taught the first lesson out in the hallway and invited someone to be baptized afterwards. It was amazing! A member from Sint-Niklaas brought their friend that lives in Lokeren and we talked to her afterwards and she wants us to come over and teach her the lessons in a month. Another member brought this girl named Suzette and she loved it. She came to church yesterday and the girls in young women's set a baptismal date for her in class! It was amazing! She is so excited and wants this in her life. Our other investigator Comfort has a baptismal date again because of young women's! I think this performance of the fireside was the best I have seen. People were healed. There was almost not enough room for everyone in the chapel. There were more people there than people that come to Stake Conference. I am so grateful for the members and that they decided to come. Yesterday during testimony meeting, every testimony was about the fireside and how they had their testimonies strengthened! Amazing!! I learned a lot as well. I kept a note book out and wrote down any prompting I received and I learned a lot! I love this gospel! It is so true! The work here is amazing! We are teaching so many people and the Lord has blessed me so much. I love my companion too. We have too much fun. We stay up late talking and just really get a long. 

Vivian got baptized on Saturday! I heard it went great and I am so proud of him! I got permission to go to Charlie's baptism! I am so excited to see her!! 

I love being a missionary and seeing the work of the Lord hasten! 

De Heer weet wat we nodig hebben! 

Zuster Adams

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