Sunday, June 21, 2015

Goodbyes and Baptisms!

June 15, 2015

Well this past week has been amazing! Weare seeing a lot of miracles here in Lokeren. The ward here is incredible! 

1. We beat the Elders again in the drawing contest! They were upset. 
2. Elder Bosco did a cool spiritual thought with these see through balls in water. It was about faith. You couldn't see that the balls were in the water. So a member stuck his hand in the water and freak out when he felt the balls. It was so funny. He screamed! Oh greatest spiritual thought! 
3. We lost our phone for a whole night...left it in a members car. We didn't have an alarm so we went to sleep with faith that we would wake up on time. And we did! 
4. Our ward mission leader listens to french rap on the way to church. It is awesome! 

Wow, I'm not even sure where to begin. MOnday was amazing. We had an awesome dinner appointment with some of my favorite members. Then we went and saw Edison and his daughters. They are amazing. Shauna (15 years old) is enjoying what we are teaching. Hopefully, she will start reading in the Book of Mormon. The twins are so ready to get baptized. Their prayers are incredible. They are ten and know more about the gospel than I do. Edison wants us to wait to make a baptismal date but hopefully it will be soon. We had a great correlation! I love our ward mission leader. Wednesday, we had a really cool lesson about faith with this guy named Peter. He isn't ready to believe in God yet but he understood the logic. I hope he will make the decision to exercise faith. Thursday was really good. We had our last Conference with President and Sister Robinson. They go home in 3 weeks. It is so weird. They gave amazing presentations. I have learned a lot from them. We asked Sister Robinson how she knew Presdient was the one. She told us and then gave us great advice about marriage. My old companions Sister Begazo and Robbins and Sister Hanny were harassing me about dating and getting married. It was pretty funny. I guess that is what happens when you go home. People just harass you about getting marriend. Don't worry Mom and Dad, I'll go slow. I am in no hurry. Friday, I was sitting in personal study half-asleep (continual problem). I had probably read the same conference talk about 7 times...terrible. When suddenly, I heard screaming from down the hall. Sister Hanny had gone to check our phone because we had gotten a text message. She came into the front room and told me that Natalie, our investigator, had texted a member that morning to tell them that she has decided to be baptized on the 12th of July!! I jumped up from my chair and hugged Sis. Hanny. We were so excited!! We haven't even talked about baptism with her! She picked a date herself! It was amazing! I am so excited to meet with her this week. We also found 3 amazing people knocking this week. Saturday, we went to Brugge and found 28 people for the Elders there as a Zone. It was really fun! We also set a baptismal date with Suzette for the 12th of July! She is super cool! I can't wait to help these people make these amazing covenants with Heavenly Father. Lokeren is amazing!! We are working hard and having fun! 

The lord is blessing me a lot here in Lokeren. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve and teach these people. They are prepared and ready to hear the gospel. I am so glad I get to work hard and go out with a bang! 

Ik hou van zendings werk!! 

Zuster Adams
Lokeren is famous for bunnies!

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