Monday, March 9, 2015

Windows of Heaven

March 2, 2015

This week was so amazing! After a very hard transfer of having hardly anyone to teach, the Lord has truly begun to open the windows of Heaven and pour down blessings upon us!
1. We knocked an apartment building this week and a man comes out from the very top floor and starts yelling down the 5 story building at us. We tell him that we are from the Church of Jesus Christ (mind you, yelling dutch is really hard with all the guttural noises we have to make...) and then he responds with `Church! Church is bad for people...No no no!!` We laughed pretty hard after that. He sounded hillarious!
2. A 30 year old man told us that he couldn´t talk to us because he was home alone...strangest excuse I have ever had.
3. We got locked out of our apartment because I forgot the keys...skilled, I know...:) Anyways, we have a fence around our backyard and I knew that the back door was unlocked...we just needed to get over the really high fence. I called the Elders who live across the street to come help us out. They were there in about two minutes, bless their souls. Elder Harrop climbed the fence, avoiding huge nails on the top of the fence to keep away the pigeons and cats and got our front door unlocked. What would we do without the Elders?
4. We went to Amstelveen with the Elders to do lookups. Once we got there we split up and didn’t see them again. We got on our second metro after some issues with tickets and we look over and there were the a city as big as Amsterdam ending up on the same metro is highly unlikely. It was cool though.
5. We had Zone Conference and President Robinson told us that God knows more about us than Google!! Hahaha thank you President Robinson for that comforting thought. :)
Well I don’t even know where to begin with the miracles that we saw this week. We started out with a wonderful p-day in the Rijks museum! It was so much fun! Then that night we found a potential! Tuesday, we had Zone Conference. It was so good!! I felt so motivated afterwards. I had the opportunity to speak to the sisters for about 5 minutes and it was really good to share with them their potential and what the Lord has in store for them. I felt the spirit really strongly. We also got to watch Meet the Mormons!!! It was so good!! I was so impressed! Also, a bunch of missionaries in our mission have been on tv recently for different tv shows that wanted to film the missionaries. It was awesome to watch them! We are getting tons of attention down in Belgium!! I am hoping to get the publicity to come up to Nederland! I can just feel the work progressing in the mission! We have been asked to proselyte 20 hours a week. Because people are making sure to get 20 hours in, the mission statistics have doubled!! It has been truly incredible! My companion and I got 20 hours for the first time this past week and I was so excited!!! I truly felt the blessings of following through with getting 20 hours. Later tuesday night, we were walking to get our bikes and our phone rings. It is a number that I don’t recognize. I answer and it is a man that wanted to thank a sister missionary that had served here 1.5 years ago for visiting her father in the hospital. It was incredible! I talked to him for a few minutes and then asked him if he had ever met with the missionaries. He said he hadn’t and I explained what we do and then testified that it what we have to share is true. He hesitated and then decided to meet up with us. We have an appointment this coming week!! We went to look up a referral (ended up not being interested) and knocked the area. Found an amazing Indian woman and we have appointment with her on Wednesday. Friday, we went to the beautiful city of Weesp to look up another referral we had. The referral wasn’t home so we started knocking. The first door that answered was a really nice father and his little 1 year old son. He told us that he had met the Elders the day before and they had given him a card. I asked him if he had looked it up and said that he hadn’t yet. He said that it was no coincidence that in two days he had 4 people try to give him a card. He promised to look up the website! He was obviously touched by the odd coincidence. He was amazing! I hope he looks and something touches him. The odd part to the whole story is that, we asked the Elders and none of them had been to Weesp. We have no idea how that man had met the Elders the day before. The Lord knows where there are people and he makes sure the receive the gospel!! Heavenly Father lead us right to him! Why do we ever doubt that the Lord is in charge? We had an amazing Correlation on Saturday and decided to start working on getting the members more into social media and make sure they all have profiles. The internet is an amazing way to share the gospel!! I am excited to work with the members to get on board. Sunday was wonderful! We looked up another referral and she was home and we set up an appointment with her. We met a man on the metro and set up an appointment with him. At Church there was a member from England and her daughter lives here and we were able to set up an appointment with her. The daughter is inactive and married to a Dutch man. I am hopeful!! Also, we ran into a member on the street and they had us over for dinner. It was such an incredible week!! Heavenly Father is so mindful of us. We go through hard things and we could sit and ask why, all day long. There is no point to that. Heavenly Father knows what we need and what is in store for us. I didn’t know we were going to see so many miracles this past week. But I am grateful that I worked to see them. We didn’t do anything different with our missionary work this week. The timing was just right and the Lord was ready to bless us. I am so grateful to know that my Heavenly Father is in charge and that he has a plan for each one of us! He knows when we need to be tested and which blessings to give us! I love this gospel!
I have exciting and sad news...we got transfer calls last night. Sister Karlson is leaving me...she is headed to Utrecht. She isn’t too thrilled but she will love it! I will be getting Sister Mashburn as my companion. She was trained by my old companion Sister Heilner. It will be fun to work with her!! This coming transfer should be a little less crazy. I am only Sister Training Leader over one set of sisters rather than 4 and I will not be training anymore. I am anxious to get to work and see what the Lord has to teach me!
De Fensters van de Hemel zijn open!
Zuster Adams

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