Monday, March 9, 2015


March 9, 2015

Well this week has been wonderful!! My new companion is amazing and life is just good!! 

1. On our p-day last week...we may have accidently walked through the red light district...a member was trying to take us to a bakery and we got a little lost. Lets just say that I have had the real Amsterdam experience now. Don´t worry though, we were there for 2 minutes, realized where we were and left! Crazy!! haha
2. We went to an appointment this week and the bus stop we got out at was Eeuwige Jeugdlaan. Which means, eternal youth! We were pretty excited!! 
3. I was a bit clumsy this week...I may have left the keys in our apartment. So we called our zone leaders(who have a spare key) after the Elders tried to break in with a clothes hanger. We felt bad because they live pretty far away and have no car. Also, they had been in Amsterdam earlier that day to meet with me and discuss our Zone. I felt so bad. Anyways, they came to Amsterdam and gave the key to the AP´s, who live across the street. We get home at 9pm that night. The AP´s give us the key. The key fits in the door but won´t turn. We have the wrong key!!!! So Sister Mashburn, the elders, and I sit out on the curb until 11pm while the AP´s drive to the office and get us the right spare key. It was terrible. Thankfully, it wasn´t too cold. Never again will I forget the keys in the apartment. 
4. Also, we managed to get lost quite a bit this week and take a lot of the wrong trams... oh well! 

I´m not quite sure where to begin! This week was so amazing! Tuesday was a wonderful day. We met with our investigator Karlijn and watched the movie about President Monson. She really enjoyed it and I had the opportunity to testify to her that the Lord has a big plan for her and that plan includes baptism, temple marriage, and having a family someday. She knows the gospel is true. She just needs to put her fears aside and exercise some faith!! She will get it! We also met with Justin and decided that we wouldn´t meet with him anymore. He is a great young man but not willing to learn. He refused to pray and ask God if what we were saying was true. I was disappointed. But that is okay, someday he will hopefully come around. Wednesday, I said goodbye to Sister Karlson! She is wonderful and I love her so much! She will do amazing in Utrecht! While I was waiting for Sister Mashburn, Sister Bradley and I decided to go outside the train station and go contacting. It was so much fun and we almost placed a Book of Mormon. I am going to do that every transfer day from now on! Sister Mashburn is amazing! We are having so much fun already! We saw a lot of cool miracles this week. We had a first lesson with this man that called me a week ago. He was incredible and before we even started teaching told us that he has never made a decision with religion but if he did it would bring peace to his life!! We taught a wonderful lesson and the spirit was so strong. He prayed and it was a beautiful prayer. I will never get tired of giving first lessons. You always feel the spirit so strongly! It is incredible. Hopefully, we can meet with him soon. Last Sunday, this lady named Katie showed up to church with her mom from England. I talked to Katie and set up an appointment to come have dinner with her and her husband. She has been inactive for the past few years. We had the most incredible dinner appointment with them! Her husband Sam is so nice! He isn´t a member but is obsessed with family history work. We talked to Katie about church and she told us that she wants her records to be requested and she wants to come back to church. She came to church on Sunday. She cried during sacrament and you could tell that the spirit had touched her. Heavenly Father is working with her. I asked her afterwards if we could meet with her every week and teach her the lessons! She said yes and wants her husband to be there. It was amazing!!! I am so excited to work with her. Sister Masburn and I love her so much! We also had some really cool conversations on trams this week. We got on the wrong tram and it turned out to be a blessing because we met this man named Michael from Uganda. He wants to come to church and invited us to visit Uganda! It was awesome! Hopefully, he will be in church next week. 

Sister Mashburn and I have big goals for this transfer. We are going to, with the help of the Lord, baptize 2 people this transfer. Salvation is our motivation!! We know that amazing things can happen in Amsterdam and we are going to work hard to have them happen! Heavenly Father is in charge of this work! There were so many times this week when things didn´t go according to plan but ended up working to our advantage. You never know why certain things happen but I do know that everything happens for a reason. Sister Mashburn and I are going to work and laugh a lot this transfer! What better way to get through life? Have a great week and know that Heavenly Father is in charge! 

Zaligheid is de motivatie!!

Zuster Adams

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