Friday, March 27, 2015

I'm Speechless

March 16, 2015

Funnies for the Week:
1. I contacted a man on the street the other day...after trying to hand him a card, he exclaimed in english "you scared me, don´t EVER do that again." It was so funny! I will never contact him again...sorry! 
2. A local grocery store has been giving away free little plants that you have to plant and help grow. We have 3 of them at home and they still haven´t grown. I have been pretty vigilant about taking care of the plants and still they haven´t grown. We were knocking doors and in almost every window there were these small plants and they were all growing. I exclaimed "Sister, Everyone else´s plants are growing faster than ours." I was so sad. Sister Mashburn laughed at me for being so distressed about it. 
3. I got the hiccups one day last week. We were walking kind of slowly down the street and this lady tried to pass us and right as she did, I hiccuped rather loudly. She got scared. It was pretty funny! 
4. We made up a bunch of words this week. One was, I am a shrubber because I cut our shrubs in the back yard.
5. We were on the tram and this little kid was sitting behind us and told his teacher that he called 112 the other day(he was very proud...) 112 is the equivalent of our 911 in America. It was pretty funny. 

This week was incredible!! I am honestly speechless!! It may have been the most miracle filled week on my mission. Tuesday was amazing because a member gave us a referral for her friend! Her friend wants to take the lessons and we called her yesterday and she is super excited! On Wednesday, we went to Weesp again and knocked basically the whole city. We knocked for probably 3 hours straight. We ended up teaching a lesson to this non-religious woman on the door. It was so cool! She told us that we are always welcome back. We also talked to a man on the train that wants to come to church next week! The weather was also incredibly warm and beautiful! Thursday we decided to go to Amstelveen to look up one of our referrals. While in the metro, our referral Kim called us back!!! We had tried calling her a few times but she had never answered. She called and was so excited to talk to us. She is 20 years old and had a Book of Mormon but wants to learn more. She had done a bunch of research online about the church and wants to meet with someone because she loves what she has found. It was incredible!! I literally was jumping up and down!! We tried to set up an appointment on Sunday but it didn´t work out and we haven´t been able to get a hold of her since but I know that things will work out. We will get a hold of her. She is too positive to just disappear. We were so excited! We went and knocked entire neighborhoods in order to get to our other referral. We found a young man named Benjamin! We got to our referral and no one was home. We were disappointed but felt strongly we needed to keep knocking in the area. So we kept going and we met the person I have been praying to meet my whole mission. I have been praying to find a Dutch family. This super incredible young dutch mother opened the door. We bore testimony of the restored gospel and invited her to read in the Book of Mormon and to pray. She promised she would do it and pray with her husband about it. We are going to call her in a month to see what she thought. It was amazing!! I was so excited. Then 2 doors down we taught a lesson to this other man and he almost took a Book of Mormon. Friday, I went to Mission Leader Council and learned a lot about how to help misisonaries. It was great! Saturday was a great day as well!! We had about 2 hours left in the day and headed across town to do some look ups. On the metro we taught a first lesson and invited the man to be baptized. He took a Book of Mormon and said he would pray about and read. It was super cool! We got his number so we will call to find out how it is going. We did our look ups and no one was home. We were kind of discouraged because it kind of felt like we had wasted our night. At the last look up we prayed that the door would open and if that wasn´t the will of the Lord that he would show us his will. The door didn´t open so we walked around the corner and there was this young woman walking down the street. We stopped and talked to her and she said that it wasn´t a coincidence that we met her. I told her that we had prayed to find her. She was touched and told us that she had just her some bad news about her family and could tell that God had sent us to her. We asked to pray with her and after we were done she told us that she couldn´t describe the joy that she was feeling. She felt comforted and loved. We got her number and will make an appointment with her soon. It was amazing!! The Lord always has a plan! Yesterday, we were going to go across town again and before we left our apartment I prayed and told Heavenly Father what we were going to do. I told him that if we weren´t supposed to go across town then he would need to stop us. We started biking to the metro station and I thought about the only thing that will stop us would be a phone call. As soon as I had that thought, the phone rang. There was a woman at the church from another country that wanted to talk to the missionaries. We turned around and went to the church. We met this incredible woman from Peru that has been a member for a little less than a year. She has been in the Netherlands for 3 months and has been trying to come to church but unable to because her family here isn´t supportive. She was so excited to see us and told us how she reads her Book of Mormon every day. She goes back to Peru in 2 weeks but we got her in touch with the elders that are closer to her than us. They will see if they can get her a ride to church. She might be able to go to church in Lelystad!! It was incredible! Sometimes I get worried about how anything is supposed to work out and how we will find people. This past week reminded me that we are just the instruments. Heavenly Father does all of the work himself. We just need to follow his will and do everything that he asks. If our will is in line with his then we will never go wrong. I feel so blessed! The Lord is hastening his work and we are here to help in what little way we can. I love being a missionary!! I love seeing the hand of the Lord in everything I do! 

I have been looking back on my mission lately and thinking about who I have become and what I have been able to see. I have changed a lot. I am different. I am stronger and more confident. I know who I am and who the Lord is preparing me to become. Unto whom much is given, much is required. I feel that the Lord is blessing me but he will require all of me. I am learning how to sacrifice all I have and give it to the Lord. I love this gospel and everything that I am learning. I love being refined. It may hurt but at least we are becoming more like our Father in Heaven. The Lord blesses us every day! We must look for his blessings!

Wonderen gebeuren!! 

Zuster Adams

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