Friday, January 16, 2015

Lelystad: a Year to Remember!

Jan 12, 2015

Crazy Stuff, I turn 20 tomorrow!!! I can't believe I am that old! I will be celebrating with a member whose birthday is also tomorrow!! It will be fun!! 
1. We have a member in the branch that is somewhat handicapped. She is the sweetest woman on earth but she doesn't have much of a filter. My companion is hispanic and the member likes to point out to everyone we know that she is brown. She always says, “We have never had a sister missionary her color before.” It is pretty funny how excited she is that my companion is brown. :)
2. We knocked a door this week and we could see the husband and wife in the window. We looked over at them as we were waiting for them to come to the door and the husband sticks is arm out with his finger pointing for us to leave. I told Sister Begazo we needed to leave quickly. He looked upset and so we left quickly...a few seconds later the man came running out of his house yelling, “It was a joke, please come back.” It was pretty funny and a great ice breaker. We gave him a card and laughed about it. He was pretty shocked at how fast we walked away.
3. The wind and the rain has decided to descend upon us. It has been so windy that we get knocked off our bikes on a regular basis and we are soaked continually. We knocked a lot of doors in the pouring rain today but we had fun with it.
This week was pretty incredible! Sister Begazo and I have slowly been dropping all of our non-progressing investigators in an effort to show our faith that we only want to teach those that are ready to be baptized. It has been hard because we don't have any appointments and really no where to go. Vivian is still sick and we have no clue when he will get better so he is basically off our radar at this point until he recovers. At the end of this week we had no progressing investigators. Scary! I don't know if I have ever had that on my mission. But honestly, I have never felt more peace on my mission with the work we are doing. We had some pretty incredible miracles in response of our faith this week.
We met with one of our investigators this week and we watched the movie on Thomas S. Monson. I think she really enjoyed it and the spirit was really strong. We are working really hard with her member friend to help her to progress. She has a family and knows the Book of Mormon is true. I am hopping to see her progress a lot soon. She is our most positive investigator right now. Plus, we think her partner might be interested too.
A week ago I prayed for a specific street and area. We went knocking there and we really didn't find anyone. So this week we decided to go back and finish off some of the doors. We had knocked so many doors and were getting cold. I don't know how many prayers I had said asking that we could find a kingdom builder. We had about 20 minutes left until we needed to go. We knock house number 70 on that street. A lady opens and tells us she has family in America that are members. Then she invites us in!!!!! That is the third time on my mission! It was incredible. I didn't really know what to say because it had never really happened to me before. But the Lord filled my mouth and we were able to have a really good conversation. She told us that she wants to know more about the church so she can understand her family but also for her own benefit! It was incredible. She is married and has a son! They also live in one of the nicer parts of town!! Our prayers had been answered and we found the person we had been looking for. We will hopefully go by soon and set up a real appointment with her. 
We met again with the Branch President and he has big plans for Lelystad and how we are going about building a ward. I am so excited to see what will happen and the faith that will be put to the test. We are going to make Lelystad not only a ward but stronger than ever. Miracles are happening and you can literally feel the spirit of the work in the air. He has called a historian for the Branch because he feels that this year will be a year to remember in regards to the growth and spiritual growth of the Branch. As he told us this, I could feel the spirit confirm to me that what he was saying was true. This will be a year to remember.
We were knocking again this week and we found 4 potential investigators on one street, 3 of them were families!!! We are looking for families and people that support the ward here and be leaders! The Lord is leading us to them. We knocked for about 2 hours yesterday and no one was interested. I was pretty bummed and wondered why we had knocked where we had. But right as we were leaving, we saw this young father with his son walking. I felt instantly that we needed to talk to him. We stopped really awkwardly and ask if we could give him a pass-along card. He told us that he had actually been to a mormon church in Utah and that he thought it was amazing. He said he would definitely look on and call if he wanted to know more. It was proof to me that we were supposed to be in that neighborhood.
This next week will be one of faith that the Lord will lead us to those we need to teach. We are looking for kingdom builders and sometimes that is hard. But we know that through opposition comes the blessings! I love Lelystad and am so excited to see what the future holds for them. This next year in Lelystad will be one to remember! And I feel honored and very humbled to be here at the beginning of something incredible!
Ik hou van Lelystad en ben enthousiast te zien wat dit jaar zal brengen!!
Zuster Adams

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