Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Here we come!

Jan 5, 2015

Hello! We are in 2015!! I can't believe how fast 2014 went by. I come home this year. I go back to BYU this year. But most importantly, I finish giving the next 7 months to the Lord in the service of the Dutch people!

1. People Always seem to think that we are Amish...don't ask me why but they do. I talked to this lady on the street this week and she told me that I was Amish. I told her no, I'm mormon it is different. She went on to tell me that of course it is different because I am in the Netherlands and being Amish is not allowed here. I tried to tell her that no were a a completely different church...didn't work so well. I think it is hillarious that one people like to tell me who I am and two that apparently being Amish is not allowed in the Netherlands. I am pretty sure no one would care if there were Amish people here.
2. I asked a man if it would be important to him to be with his family forever this week and he responded with "nah, not really..." People are so weird sometimes.
3. During Sacrament meeting, a little kid in our branch got very upset when they took his sacrament cup away from him. He was so upset to not have his water cup anymore. It was pretty funny.
Sorry there weren't that many funny things this week but we will work on it this week. :)

This week was a good week. It was a hard week in regards to getting time to actually work but it was good. Monday and Tuesday we ended up having to have our bikes get repaired the whole day. My back wheel was dying. 7-10 of the spokes were broken, bent, or basically at any moment my wheel could have buckeled and I my bike would have been done for. I had to replace my whole back wheel but after we got that fixed, my bike has never ridden better. I also got sick this week and I had to stay and sleep for a few hours. I prayed that Heavenly Father would give me the worst of my sickness so I could get it over with and go back to work. Sure enough, I got really sick for a few hours, slept it off, and then got back to work. I am feeling great again!  We had a good New Years! We had interviews with our mission President and it was really good. He asked me how long I had served in Lelystad so far. I told him almost 6 months and he said, wow that is a long time in a small city...actually too long. He then proceeded to ask me if I liked big cities the rest of the interview. I do like big cities so if that is in my future then I am excited. I think it is safe to say that I have 2 weeks left in Lelystad. Weird. I love it here and honestly can't imagine anywhere else. It will be good though if I do get transfered. Our investigators are doing good. Vivian is still doing good. He will not be getting baptized next week but not because he isn't ready. He got really really sick this week so basically we are waiting until he gets better. Hopefully he will get baptized on the 17th of January. He had a dream this week that he got the priesthood though!! I thought it was so cute! I am so proud of him!! Our other investigators are doing okay. We will probably end up dropping 2 of them this week. They aren't progressing and we want to be teaching people that are working towards baptism. We met with the Branch President this week and his plan is to have a ward in Lelystad in a year. We need to find 3 more priesthood holders to make that happen. Sister Begazo and I are determined to find them!! We went door knocking this week and found 4 potential investigators. We made a pledge to go finding in the nicer areas of town at least 3 hours every day and to find 2 potentials every day. I have no doubt that we can accomplish our goal!! The Lord wants a ward here and we are going to help him accomplish that.

Life is good here in Lelystad! I love being a missionary and just can't imagine myself doing anything but this right now. My companion is wonderful and the work is wonderful!! I hope this New Year brings blessings and trials so that I can learn but also have joy!

Dit leven is een droom!

Zuster Adams

P.S. I will send some pictures next week!

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