Friday, January 16, 2015

And the adventure of Training begins!

Dec. 15th, 2014
My new companion is Sister Begazo!! She is from Manhattan and is amazing. She just graduate college and has travelled all over. She is dedicated and ready to learn. This transfer is going to be great.
  1. Because we only had my bike to get around the city with, a member told me I could use their bike until we picked up Sister Begazo’s bike…well the bike was her 10-year-old daughter’s bike…I looked hilarious biking around town on this tiny little bike. Blessings of being small  I was planning on getting a picture but I forgot.
  2. When we picked up Sister Begazo’s bike we then had to walk all three of the bikes across the city…the bikes were heavy and the walk was long but we did it!
  3. We had Stake Conference this weekend and President Robinson was asked to organize a missionary choir as pre-lude music. I was then asked to lead and organize this choir. I have never been in charge of a choir…let alone a bunch of elders that don’t actually like to sing. It was quite the adventure. Everyone cooperated well and the Saturday night session was great. Sunday morning was another story. The Sunday morning session was at this conference center out in the middle of nowhere…the bus only comes 1 an hour. All the missionaries tried to get there early but it didn’t exactly work. I got there 15 minutes before the meeting, after walking for a half hour on a country road. When I got there, I heard that our pianist was stuck somewhere in a train station and that we weren’t sure when she would be arriving. Also, she had the sheet music for the song. Keep in mind we are supposed to start singing in about 5 minutes. The Stake Presidency comes to me and starts asking when are we going to start and what are we going to do. We quickly round up all the missionaries, that are there, and then we remember that we still don’t have music or a pianist. Elder Hunter, who sang a solo in the last priesthood session of General Conference, tells me that he knows the song we are singing on the piano by memory. He starts playing, the missionaries sing and somehow…it all works out.  What no one knows is actually going on behind the scenes.
This week was interesting. I had a good last day with Sister Robbins. We taught an awesome lesson to our investigator Ursula and she seems to be progressing a lot more. I hope to see her in Church soon. Wednesday we get to Leiden and I say goodbye to Sister Robbins, I miss her a lot. I walked with all the other trainers to a hotel where all the 22 new missionaries are. Oh man, we were all nervous and scared. The Assitants to President had us follow them into a conference room where all the new missionaries were. They would call out our names and then our greenies would come and introduce themselves to us. It was so weird. Sister Begazo found me and then we had some training. Finally, we got back to Lelystad! The rest of the week went by relatively fast. We were busy getting Sister Begazo settled in with a bike, winter boots, and a few other things. We met with Vivian once this week and he is doing so well!! He hasn’t smoked in over a week!!! I talked with him about and he said, “Sister Adams, I told you I would stop. I have started my new life and I don’t want to go back.” It was amazing! Tita is doing really good. We had a really good lesson with Alistair and his wife listen to most of the lesson too. I have a good feeling about them. The Lord has me here in Lelystad for a reason. I didn’t exactly want to stay here for 4 transfers. But I know that there is work for me to do here and if the only reason I am here is to train Sister Begazo then I feel blessed. Training is hard. Yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed with responsibility. I began to pray for Heavenly Father to bless me with peace and reassurance. When we taught Alistair, I felt such a peace and comfort that I was doing the right things and that the Lord was proud of me. Whom the Lord calls, he qualifies. I have felt that really strongly this week. I have also begun to realize that I know more than I think I know. I am so quick to doubt my abilities and myself but the Lord is helping me see that I am important and that I can and do make a difference. We are so much more than we think we are. We make so much more of a difference than we think we do. The Lord sees my efforts and he will magnify them. Lelystad is growing. We had an incredible Stake Conference and I learned a lot about how I can be a better missionary. A new Stake President was called! I also got a chance to talk to Elder Dyches, 2nd counsellor in the area presidency. He asked President Robinson to find me so that he could tell me hi from my dad and tell me that my dad is doing a great job as Stake President. He took a picture of my companion, President Robinson, and me and will email it to my dad. It was a tender mercy to have Elder Dyches want to talk to me and tell me about my dad. The Lord is so aware of us and sends us support in so many different ways. Also, I am loving the Christmas season! If you haven't watched "He is the Gift" on Youtube, I would highly recommend it!! Enjoy this time to reflect on the Savior!! 
I know that this transfer will bring miracles. We are trying to build a ward here in Lelystad and I know that it will happen. When we have faith, anything in possible.
De heer zorgt voor ons en geeft ons precise wat we nodig hebben!
Zuster Adams
P.s. sorry for no picture of my companion...I am slacking. I'll get on it next week :)

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