Friday, February 6, 2015

Birthday wishes come true!

January 19, 2015

Well we got transfer calls last night and because it is a dream come true I am going to keep you all in suspense and will tell you what is happening at the end of the email!! :)

Funnies of the week: 
1. Played Balloon volleyball for my birthday and it was a work out! 
2. Played dominoes...earned almost 300 points in one round...I lost pretty bad
3. I went to Den Haag on exchanges and we were talking to people in the centrum. We had just knocked the door of literally a crazy house for sick people when I decided to contact this guy walking down the street. He looked kind of sketchy but I gave him a card anyways. Sister Fredrickson afterwards said "I can't believe you contacted him...he peed his pants." I turned around and sure enough the man had obviously peed his pants and then he proceeded to walk in to the crazy house. It was pretty funny. Sister Fredrickson was freaking out because I gave him a card with their number on was all I had.
4. The Zone Leaders came to work with us on Saturday and they get out of their car and start complaining about how cold it is. I felt no sympathy considering I bike all over in a skirt in the freezing cold weather. The continued to talk about how wonderful their steering wheel warmer is...Sister Begazo and I have decided we are going to make a bike handle bar heater. 

This past week was an awesome week with lots of miracles and patience. Last week we had no investigators that were progressing and it was pretty depressing. This week miracles happened. We set a baptismal date with Charlie!!! She still doesn't have permission to be baptized but we are going to fast and pray that her parents hearts will be softened by the 8th of March. Oh I hope she can get baptized so bad! She wants it!! Oh I love her so much! Also, we set this baptismal date on my birthday so it was a pretty good Birthday present. Later that day we went to Familie De Bruijn's house and had a delicious meal and I made the cake. It was wonderful. Then we played dominoes and I lost horribly. It was terrible. But the members here were so sweet. They sent me Happy Birthday wishes and called. We went to the Branch President's house later in the week and his wife made me a nutella cheesecake!! It was so sweet. I really felt loved. I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday. When we went to the Branch President's house, we talked to his wife about the plan she had made to help her friends take the lessons. She had over I think 8 families written down. She had spent over an hour praying on what she should do. It was amazing!! She has a plan for all her friends and  will be setting up a lunch appointment soon with the missionaries and one of the families!! It was inspiring. I have a feeling that all of the families will be baptized. I can't wait to see what happens!! I hope and pray that more members in the Branch will catch her vision and find that many people to work with. I want to be like that when I go home too. I was able to meet one more time with Vivian. He is still sick and not doing so well but he reads in the Book of Mormon every day and has a stronger testimony every time I see him. I hope he gets better so he can get baptized. Yesterday was probably one of the most amazing days ever!! We came home from Church and our next appointment fell through. Sister Begazo and I weren't sure where we were supposed to go. Honestly, I was scared to go to one neighborhood because I didn't want our potentials there to end up not being interested. I just couldn't take one more rejection. We kneeled down and prayed about where we should go. We both felt strongly that we needed to go to Landerijen. So off we went. We knocked the door of one of our potentials and no one answered. So we walked over to the lady that let us in two weeks ago to see if she was home. I didn't really want to knock unless she was home because we had been there 2 days before and she wasn't home and I had talked to her son. I didn't want to be annoying and just keep coming by. We walked past the house and saw that Anja was sitting on the couch. We decided to knock and see if she would let us in. She did!! Turns out her father had passed away this past week. It was really hard for her. We asked if we could share the first lesson and she said she wants to hear it but she had too much going on in her head at the moment. So we took the time to talk and get to know her better. We were able to meet her husband and get to know her son. They are all amazing and so nice!! I have a really good feeling about them and I know that they were the ones that we were supposed to find this transfer. We told Heavenly Father that we only wanted to teach people that were really interested and would progress. I know that he led us to Anja! I can't wait to see how she progresses! Church was also incredible because the newly reactivated old branch president of Lelystad got called as our branch mission leader!! I am so excited for him!! He will be absolutely amazing. He gave a talk on Sunday that was incredible. He has come a long ways and truly has a testimony of the gospel. He will be an incredible mission leader!! 

Well Guess what?!!! I am being transferred after 6 months in Lelystad. I will miss this little branch! I absolutely love the people here and they will always be in my heart. I hope to keep in touch with them and hear how Lelystad is doing. Miracles are going to happen here and it will become a ward and so much more. Oh man, I am going to miss it here. But....drum roll please! I am being transferred to Amsterdam!!!!!! Can you believe it? I certainly can't! I am so excited to be in a big city!! The biggest city in Nederland!! My new companion is Sister Carlson or Karlson...not sure how to spell it but you get it. Also, I am being called as a Sister Training Leader over the Den Haag zone sisters and the Amsterdam zone sisters. I will be in charge of about 8 sisters! I am really excited for this new adventure!! I really know that I am supposed to be in Amsterdam and I am really excited. I feel very blessed! Can't wait to tell you all about my adventures in Amsterdam. Also, because I am the Sister Training Leader over the Lelystad sisters I get to come back to Lelystad!! I am so happy!! Life is good and Birthday wishes do come true!! 

Amsterdam ben je bereit om Zuster Adams te hebben? Ik hop het! 

Zuster Adams

First Picture: Familie Hoole-Branch President!! Love them! 
Second Picture: One of my favorite families!! Familie De Graaf!

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