Friday, January 16, 2015

A Piece of Home

Dec. 29th, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

1. We went to go have an appointment with one of our investigators this week and we showed up and he said he couldn't meet because he was very flustered. He then told us that, that morning the cops came to take him to prison for a week because he had payed off a debt of his. He managed to get the money that he needed so he didn't go to jail but it was pretty crazy. 
2. We were knocking doors this week and we came to a door that had a wreath that sang christmas songs continually. It was amazing! No one was home but we stayed and listened for probably 2 or 3 songs. 
3. We went Caroling on 2nd Christmas day in Den Haag. The Zone Leaders were in charge but because I was in charge of compiling music they decided to make me in charge of everything...they wanted me to pick where we would sing(I have been to Den Haag once). So we wandered for a while and then sang outside of a clothing store. It was wonderful!! People were filming us. One guy tried conducting us and filming himself at the same time. So many people stopped!! It was really cool!!
4. It snowed all day long...I don't like snow on a mission. I was praying the whole day that it would stop. None of it stuck and we have warm weather again. Prayer works! :)
5. We missed two trains and had to sit in the below freezing weather for 40 minutes...terrible. 
6. I had a dream that my mission was over and I went was so weird. I didn't like it. 

This week was wonderful!! We saw a lot of miracles and worked really hard. I will first share what happened with our investigators this week and then about Christmas. Our investigators are doing amazing! We went through the baptismal questions with Vivian and he answered all of them correctly. He is super excited to be baptized and wants to put all of his time and energy into the gospel. He will hopefully be baptized on the 10th of January! 3 days before my birthday...I would say a pretty good birthday present, my first baptism. We had an amazing lesson with our investigator Alistair. We had Christmas Eve dinner with him and his family. They loved us and we had a really wonderful time with them. I will attach a few pictures with them. But yesterday, we met with him and watched the first vision movie. He felt something. He was very solemn afterwards and we asked him to think about being baptized and really take the time to ask God if the things we have been telling him were true. We could tell  he was a little overwhelmed so we told him to think and pray about it this week. I hope he does! He is amazing! On Sunday, we had 3 of our investigators in Church!!! It was such a blessing and a miracle!! I am seeing so much progress in this branch!! It has grown since I have been here! 

Christmas was wonderful! Christmas morning we took cards to many of the members. It was fun to share Christmas with them and bring the joy of the season to them. We then went to Familie De Graaf's home. We had a wonderful time chatting with them. We skyped our families and it was wonderful. It was so good to see my family. It felt like no time had passed. I was nervous but it was wonderful. I can't wait to see them on Mother's day! Second Christmas day, we went to Sherri and Marcel's home (a part member family) and had a wonderful meal. I really loved being able to feel the Christmas spirit. I did realize though that Christmas is just another day among 365 days in the year. It is a special day but we don't need to stress out or make it more crazy than it needs to be. Christ was born in a lowly stable and I think Christmas needs to be treated with the same reverence. Low key and really take time to think about the Savior. I was anxious at the end of all the Christmas festivities to go back to normal missionary life. I love being a missionary and I was anxious to get back to working hard. I realized that I don't want to go home anytime soon. Christmas was a glimpse into what real life is and I like being a missionary!! I really want to enjoy these next 8 months!! They will be amazing!

I am loving Lelystad and all the miracles I am seeing take place. I know this email is short today but I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did too!! This week will bring 2015 to us! I have plans to make this next year amazing! A lot will happen and I can't wait to see it all unfold!! 

Ik hou van jullie en wens jullie een fijne nieuwe jaar! 

Zuster Adams

1st picture: Alistair's kids
2nd picture: Christmas morning breakfast! Christmas Crunch! 

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