Monday, August 4, 2014

All you need is love

July 28, 2014
This week went by so fast! There is only one more week until Transfer Calls!! I can't believe how fast the time has come and gone!! Everyone warned me that each transfer goes faster...I didn't realize it would go this fast. :)
I am realizing that my mission is flying by. These incredible moments will not be here forever and I need to enjoy them. I have been struggling a little with my focus and motivation. When I hit the button to submit my papers it was so I could bring others unto Christ. But since I have been out those motives are sometimes overshadowed by other less pure motives. We had a zone training this week on our motivations and I decided from here on out I want tmy only motive to be my love for my Heavenly Father. I am here to love and serve him and thereby serving the people here. It was incredible the change it has already made in my work. I began to bear stronger testimony, be more open to the spirit, and much happier. When we do things for the right reasons our joy is filled and our capacity to love grows. My ability to love these people grew because I asked Heavenly Father to give me his love for the people here. I couldn't come up with this love on my own. I needed the atonement. I was filled with love!
Miracles happened after I desired to change my motive. We had a lesson with our Peruvian investigator and she had expressed to us that she wasn't sure if she needed to change her religion. She loves the Book of Mormon but wasn't sure if she really needed to get baptized again(baptized Catholic). We challenged her to pray about it. Our next lesson she said she had received an answer that she needs to change her religion and that joining the church is the path God wants for her! I almost began to cry. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed. I have known this woman since she started taking the lessons so it was incredible to see all the progression that she has made! She is amazing and in that moment I felt God's love and joy for his daughter. This is investigator still can't get baptized because of her husband but we are praying a miracle happens.
Then we had a 1st lesson with a blind man named Peter that we found the other day. It was an amazing lesson. We read for him a few verses from the Book of Mormon and he loved them. He said the prayer before we left and it was one of the most honest prayers I have ever heard. He said that he was intrigued to see where things went and that he was excited to learn. In that moment I wouldn't have been more happy to see someone trying to follow God.
I am learning so many things every day. I can see the Lord shaping me into who he needs me to be. It is truly amazing work. Being a missionary is hard at times, but when you have moments like we had this week thenevery hard moment was worth it. I love the Lord, I love the people, and I love Nederland!
Fun things from the week, I went to Maastricht and had Limburg's is the Dutch version of pice. Oh my goodness!! it was so good! It was a fresh raspberry Vlaai. It was delicious! Oh and Elder Ballard of the quorum of the 12 apostles is coming on September 11th to do a Mission Conference! I am so excited!!
Well have a great week and remember to everything with love!
Liefde is de Sleutel!
Zuster Adams

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