Monday, July 14, 2014

Bruises, Coughs, and Miracles

Well this past week has been quite an adventure. My district leader Elder Bosco was seriously concerned Sister Morris and I wouldn't make it out of last week alive...I'll explain...
1. Sister Morris had and still has a horrible cough..turns out whopping cough is going around. We are 90% sure she has it. Not sure how I didn't get it but I'm grateful. 
2. I went to Maastricht on exchanges and fell down some hard & cold stone stairs. I went from upright to lying on my back... I hit my elbow really, really hard. It hurt badly. I almost passed out from the shock or pain...not really sure but I got super dizzy afterwards. My elbow swelled up and bruised almost instantly. We think I popped an air bubble in my elbow. It wasn't fun. 
3. Sister Morris' tendonitis flared up while biking and she jokingly said "Just keep em rollin..." yesterday, we were leaving the apartment and she slammed her pointer finger in the front door. It burst all the blood vessels in the top of her finger... not sure if her nail will fall off... hopefully not. 
The work must go on...even if you happen to be dying..:) And it did, we saw some amazing miracles this past week!
I think I have mentioned this before but about a month ago, we started having the families in the ward make their own mission plans. People are getting so excited about them. One member asked if this idea of a family mission plan was worldwide because it is so amazing. The members are starting to put aside their fears and open their mouths! It is so exciting!!
We met with another member this week and helped her realize some of the problems she is dealing with. It was an incredible lesson. Sister Morris said, "We come to earth to fall of the bike, but we come to learn to jump back on the bike." She meant that we all will fall but when we fall we need to learn to get back up and keep going. We have to continually trust in the Lord even when we continually fall down. It was incredible to feel the spirit guiding the lesson. 
While I was in Maastricht, I found out that I have a reputation for being bold...Sis. Nelson told the Elders in Heerlen that she was super excited for me to come help her teach the Law of Chastity because I am really bold. Funny. It did end up being a really awesome lesson. By the end, the investigator was seriously considering following it. I really felt the spirit in that lesson. It is so awesome that when I teach by the spirit, I learn along with the investigator. I find myself saying things that are new to me and answers to my questions.
Two other amazing miracles we saw this week were, one of our investigators realized that she has a testimony of Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon!! And another investigator's husband that has been pretty negative, sat in on the lesson and said he'd sit in on more! Oh we also got a really cool new investigator from Iraq.
Well things are great here in Breda. President Robinson in an interview this week basically told me I am going to be leaving Breda after this transfer so I am going to finish hard and leave this place bursting with work and success!! I love Breda and I have loved seeing all this progress in the last 3 months! This next week is going to be great! 
Ik hou van Breda echt veel!
Zuster Adams 

P.S. We got permission to watch the Nederland vs. Argentina game. It was so sad but awesome to watch! Latest I have stayed up in a long time!! 

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