Sunday, July 13, 2014

All You Need is Love

This week has been amazing as always! It has been really cool, in the last couple of days I have really felt myself losing myself in the work here. I am more and more centered here and not focused on home or how much longer I have or anything like that. It is neat to see myself truly focusing on what is important. Missionary life is truly becoming second nature. 
Funny thing that happened this week: We went to an inactive member's home and talked to him about how he needs to come back to church and all this other stuff. Anyways, at the end of our discussion he decides to start talking politics. We quickly started trying to get the topic back on the right track but it wasn't really working. He asked why the church didn't stop the U.S. from going to Iraq the first time. I tried to explain that the church doesn't get involved and other things but that didn't seem to please him so I finally just told him that it is the last days and there are going to be wars. He needs to prepare but the way is through the church and not in the government. I don't know if he really liked my answer but at least we got him off politics. 

I have realized this week that I really love Breda! It is a beautiful city! I love the people and the ward here. Our investigators are amazing and making progress. It is hard but so fulfilling. Sister Morris and I have decided to name this transfer 
Operation: Love the Lord, Love the People, Love the Land
We have decided to write down all the things we love about every day. Love is the center of everything in the gospel, life, and basically everything. Think about it, almost if not all the songs on the radio are about some type of love. But that kind of love isn't the type we are trying to focus on. We are trying to have the love of Christ for those we come in contact with and also truly love what we are doing every day. I have begun to try and be super enthusiastic when we knock on people's doors. If you come to the door unenthusiastic, then no one is going to want to listen anyways. So I have decided to be truly happy every time I talk to someone. I love the people of the Netherlands and if I can show them that love, miracles will happen. The ward is doing amazing and we are working with them to build their own family mission plan. It is really cool and I am excited for them to see miracles.
We got to watch the Belgium vs. Argentina game this week!!! We were so excited to finally get to watch one of the games!! I was sad that Belgium lost but it was fun to see them play anyways!! Nederland won and that was most important!! The ward was pretty excited on Sunday!! Our investigator promised to not fast that Nederland would win. He is getting the purpose of fasting!! :) 
This work is incredible and it is truly hastening!! I love being a part of this work and seeing the signs of the times. We are truly in the last days and the Lord is hastening is work! 
I can't wait to see what this week will bring!! 

Zuster Adams

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