Sunday, July 13, 2014

Time flies when you are having fun!!

Well this past week went by in a whirlwind!! Sister Spencer and I tried to enjoy our last week together but it went by so fast that we hardly had time to enjoy it!! Nothing to crazy happened this week. Nederland did win 3-2 against Australia!! That was pretty exciting! I love how enthusiastic the Dutch get. We have been told by our mission president that we aren't allowed outside the apartment during the games. It is kind of a bummer but probably good. We don't want to be knocking doors...people might get a little annoyed.

We had an incredible miracle this week! There is the awesome family from Burundi that we had taught one lesson too that called and asked for our help with english this week. We went over and found out that they needed help registering their daughter for english classes in the U.S. when she is there for 6 weeks this summer. We called the place and turns out you can only register in person. We tried some other schools and nothing worked. I got the idea to set their daughter up with some missionaries in the States and they could teach her english. We found the nearest ward building to where they would be staying and called the Bishop. He was a little surprised to be talking to missionaries in the Netherlands but he gave us the number of the sister missionaries in his ward and also let us know that there is a dutch sister serving in the Temple nearby. We got very excited. We connected the daughter with the Dutch sister over facebook and they are going to help her learn english and also hopefully, teach her the lessons!! It was truly a miracle that we were able to get a hold of those people! The family also came to church on Sunday and loved it!! I love them so much and can't wait to see the miracles that happen with them!

Transfers are this week....and drum roll....I am staying in Breda!! I am getting a new companion though. She is coming from Amsterdam and her name is Sister Morris. I am excited and really sad. I love Sister Spencer a lot! We have grown really close. It will be good though. I am nervous to be taking over the city but I can do it!! The Lord will help me along the way.

Things are going amazing here in Nederland! I honestly, can't remember a ton that happened this week. It was amazing though. We did get 4 new investigators. Our last baptismal date did get postponed. So no baptisms but it will all happen in the Lord's time. I am loving it here and the work is going forth stronger than ever!! Remember to be strong and help missionaries as much as you can...we need your help!!

Leven is Geweldig,

Zuster Adams

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