Monday, May 5, 2014

Tulips, Temples, and Triumph

I honestly, have no clue where to begin this week!! So many things happened that I don't even know where to start. Well I guess I'll start with last P-day! After emailing, we went to Maastricht and toured the city! It is so beautiful! I want to serve there!! We found this amazing little shop that only sells vintage clothes from the 20's-50's!! It was amazing and I fell in love with it! It was insanely expensive and I didn't buy anything but it was amazing nevertheless! Then I stayed the night in Maastricht for exchanges! We taught some amazing people and it was a fun exchange!
Allison with her companion and trainer Sis. Spencer
Allison's not in this one, but these were visiting missionaries.

You'll find Allison on the front row...a yellow tulip is her new earring.  She has a tan coat on with a red scarf.  Like finding Waldo....This is her mission.
Then Wednesday was Temple Conference!! We got up at 4:30am to get ready and to the train station on time...not my favorite thing! We ended up having to walk/run from our apartment half way across the city to the train station because we couldn't take the bus that early in the morning and we could bike because the Sisters from Maastricht were with us. It was a fun walk at 6am!! We got to the Temple around 8 and it is such a beautiful Temple!! It is really small but it is beautiful!! I loved the time we had in the Celestial room. Sis. Spencer and I stayed probably an hour in the Celestial room. I just didn't want to leave, especially since I won't be going to the Temple for another 6 months. As soon as I walked into the room, I had overwhelming peace surround me. I had "Families can be Together Forever" stuck in my head the entire time. It made me so grateful that I am sealed to my family for eternity!! Even though I am gone for 18months, I will be with them for eternity! I also realized that all the missionaries surrounding me are also my family and I love them! I also realized more fully that my work as a missionary is bringing families together forever!! I love the Temple! I can't wait to go through in October! After the Temple we went and had delicious pizza and I got to spend the rest of the day hanging out with Elder Conatti and Elder Heinricks!! I was so excited to see them! They are my brothers and I have missed them! It was fun to hear their stories of the first few weeks! They are both doing great!! After pizza, we went to Keukenhof(a giant, really famous garden of tulips)! It was so beautiful and I took a lot of pictures!! There were so many tulips!! I love tulips so much now!! Hopefully soon, I will be able to send them home. It was really fun to spend the day with half the missionaries in Nederland and to relax a little. It was a little weird though because | am so used to go go go, all day long. But it was a nice break! Temple Conference was amazing and I love the Temple so much!!
The rest of the week was good! We went to look a referral and got completely lost...this seems to be a trend. We are doing better at not getting lost though. We taught a lesson with a family this week. It was such an amazing lesson. The man we taught, I first time we saw him, I recognized him and I didn't know why. After the lesson with him, I really felt like he was familiar to me because I was supposed to find him and teach him. It was an incredible feeling! I have no idea what is going to happen with that family but I have a good feeling about them! We had another lesson with our investigator that is really close to baptism and I bore strong testimony that he is seeing blessings and miracles in his life! I told him that Sis. Spencer and I pray for him every night and I became very emotional when I told him how much we love him. I want him to take that next step so bad! After I bore testimony, I saw a tenderness in his eyes. I think he realized how much he means to us and that we want the best for him!! He will get there!! On Sunday, we had invited a lot of people to church!! We prayed really hard that people would come. We had kind of become discouraged because no one comes to church when we invite them but this week 3 people came and an inactive came too!! It was so exciting!! People we didn't even expect were at church!! The Lord answers prayers, if only we will ask!!
The work is hastening here in Breda! We have so many potentials and people that we need to work with! It is so exciting to see the Lord giving us work to do and trusting us!! I love this gospel and the chance I have to share it every day!! I can't wait to see what is in store for us this week!! I get to play tennis in about an hour and I am ridiculously excited!!
Leven is geweldig!!
Zuster Adams

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