Monday, April 28, 2014

Flirting to convert....not my favorite

Life is crazy here in Breda!! I can't believe how fast this week went by and all the amazing things that have happened!! I am loving it so much!! Every time, I start to write one of these is as if my brain forgets everything it wants to say so I made notes today!! Oh and sorry for the lack of pictures...we have no way to get them on the computer...working on it though!
The funny things of the week and other good things:
We cleaned a member's yard this week with the Elders!! It was so much fun to do service! Plus, we got to wear jeans which was really exciting...:) We went and got fresh stroop wafels!!! Oh my goodness, they were so delicious!!! This week was Koning''s Dag in Nederland. Basically, it is a day to celebrate the King. Well in the middle of Breda it was like a GIANT yardsale...super weird but pretty cool. We set up a table in the middle of the park with our district and then spent the next 5 hours contacting. I don't think I have ever been so exhausted in my life!! It was crazy!!! There were so many people and I was having sensory over load!! But the funny part was, I had one young man get super excited when I gave him a card because my number was on the back...they are on all the cards. Then Sis. Spencer talked to this group of 4 guys and they wanted to take us on a date. We still aren't exactly sure how we got out of that one. The Elders tried talking to this other groups of guys about our age...I guess they were bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon and then the guys just said "yeah you guys have the table with the good looking chicks"...I guess Sis. Spencer and I looked really good. It was weird and we weren't exactly sure
how to take it. So we just ignored it and went to work preaching the gospel. :)
This week we met some really sweet old ladies in town and I have fallen in love(I know Dad that you told me not to...but) Old people are just so cute! I love hearing their stories and I just love them!! We met with a family we are teaching this week and I went into the lesson kind of annoyed and frustrated because they were not being very reliable and had cancelled a lot. But when we were teaching, I prayed to have love for them and to know what the Lord wanted. I got a strong impression that we need to keep working with them and that good things would come. It was pretty amazing and Sis. Spencer felt it too. The promised to meet with us two times a week after May vacation and to prepare for baptism!! We had a day this week and all we did was look ups and contacting. I was not excited. But we prayed to see miracles and tried to keep a postive attitude. We saw so many miracles and found 4 new potentials and gave away 4 Book of Mormons. In fact, we have been handing out so many BofM's that we are running out!! We taught a lesson on the door step and another impromptu! It was amazing and a very fufilling day!! We taught another one of our investigators this week and he is so close to baptism but keeps coming up with excuses! I am praying so hard right now that something will change and he will take that one step forward!! We got another one of our investigators back and I am so happy about that!!! We also went to a baptism for the branch in Tilburg and it was such a neat experience!! I had a renewed desire to preach this gospel with enthusiasm!! I know this gospel is true and I am anxious to share more of it this coming week!!
We have Temple Conference this week and we are also going to Keukenhof to see all the tulips!! I can't wait!!
Nederland is de beste,
Zuster Adams

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