Friday, May 23, 2014

There is Sunshine in My Soul Today!

 I don't even know where to begin this letter...this last week has been crazy, sad, happy, fun, scary, creepy, hilarious, SUNNY, and probably every possible description you can think of. The sun finally decided to come out and oh my goodness, it is SO BEAUTIFUL!! It has been in the upper 70s all week and I can't help but be happy every day!
This week brought the end of my first transfer and the beginning of my second transfer. I can't believe I made it! I have now been on my mission for 3 months!! YEAH!! Sister Spencer and I have decided that we wanted to name this transfer "The Transfer of Miracles." We found a scripture to go with it as well. We made poster and put it on our door to remind us every day before we leave that we are going to see miracles. It is awesome! But of course, when you try to do something good, everything always seems to try and go against you! This week was hard. We met a lot of obstacles but through it all we saw some incredible miracles!
We had planned this week to be full of appointments. In fact, more appointments in one week than I had ever had before. I think we had close to 10 lessons planned and had found joint teaches as well....well we ended up only getting 3 lessons and no joint teaches. It was so frustrating. There was one day that Sister Spencer and I just got so frustrated because we were doing everything we could and nothing was working. We would knock on doors and no one wanted to listen. But somehow we kept a good attitude. We laughed and told stories to keep a good spirit. We knew the Lord was going to bless us with miracles so we kept on working. Even though our numbers of lessons weren't very high, the miracles we saw were incredible. We met with a lady this week and wow, I have never met someone so prepared in my life. It is a lady from Peru and her sister got baptized 2 months ago and she told us that she wants to be baptized too and that she wants to find a family in the church!! Oh my goodness, after we left her home, Sister Spencer and I were in shock. No one is ever super excited to meet with us or tells us they want to be baptized. It was incredible! She also came to church this Sunday and that was a miracle! We met with a Buddhist this morning that loved the Plan of Salvation and prayed with us!! Oh my goodness, it was incredible. A man came to church that we had been searching for. Then we found him in the city today! We went for an appointment with a lady and we thought she wasn't home but we wrote her a note and while we were writing the note she came to the door and turns out we had written the wrong day for our appointment. If we wouldn't have waited by her door for 10 minutes writing a note, we would have missed our appointment with her and never known. We also set a baptismal date with one of our investigators for the end of the Transfer!!! These are just a few of the miracles we saw! There were so many more and it was amazing! Even though, we faced opposition and didn't want to carry on, the Lord blessed us because we kept trying. Missionary work is amazing!!
We did have one crazy experience this week...we had a referral in a little tiny village 14.5km away. So we decided to bike out there to see if we could find it...well we couldn't find the house. We rode past the village and kept looking. We were passing through fields and huge houses. It was weird. Eventually we found #97 which was the house number...but it was a giant metal gate with what looked to be a prison behind it. It looked like a bunch of huge houses in a compound that had been abandoned. IT WAS CREEPY and kind of "Lost" like(the show Lost). We knew people lived there because there were cars but all the grass was over grown....but we kept looking around and Sis. Spencer found a gate that was open so we decided to explore. But quickly got too creeped out and decided to leave when a man walked out and asked if we needed help. Turns out the lady we were looking for did live there. The place we had found is an old monastery from the 40s that the Catholic church has asked people to live in to keep it up because the land is worth a lot of money. Cool story, but really creepy experience to say the least!! I am glad we survived and I didn't die!
I love being a missionary and I can't wait to see what is in store!!
Wonders Gebeurt!
Zuster Adams

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