Saturday, May 31, 2014

Catch the vision of miracles!

This week was amazing!! I already shared about Monday in my last email but lots of amazing things have happened since then!
Tuesday, we had an amazing district meeting and learned a new way to contact is really weird but I am excited to put it to use! We also went over how to teach with baptismal questions which was exactly what we taught that night! It was so helpful! We had an amazing lesson with our investigators from the Congo. They want to be baptized and are beginning to understand what that means! They are going to take some time but I think they will get there!
Wednesday, I went on exchange to Maastricht again!! I love that city so much!! The day was so full of miracles. First, we went out to Heerlen(a city close by) and tried to look up an inactive member. We successfully got completely lost for about an hour. Although it was very annoying getting lost, it was meant to be. The inactive member had set up the appointment but was trying to avoid us. If we would have come at the scheduled time, she wouldn't have been home. Because we came an hour late, we were outside her apartment when she rode up on her bike. We may have never found her. It was a miracle that we were able to find her and have a conversation with her. I am not sure if she is super open but at least we established some sort of relationship. I am learning that sometimes we get lost for more than one reason. Sometimes, we miss a train or get lost so we can find someone or talk to someone. On our way back from Maastricht, we met this incredibly nice lady that is a Jehovah witness. We had a really nice conversation with her and told her about the church. Later that day when we were teaching in the Centrum, the lady saw us again and came up and said hi. Those things just don't happen. It was a miracle, first of all, that we were teaching the lesson we were and also that the lady found us again. Maastricht is a huge city but the Lord guided us to where we needed to be. That evening we got a call from an Elder saying that his companion was lost and on a train headed to Maastricht. We were to go and pick up his companion from the train station. We were somewhat annoyed and frustrated because we were going to be late to our appointment...but it turned into a miracle. We picked the Elder up and decided to take him to our appointment...after we had gotten past the train station his companion called and said he needed to get on a bus and go home. We then had to walk all the way back to the train station and put him on a bus. We were then really late to our appointment. But after dropping off the Elder, we were walking up the stairs and ran into one of their investigators that they were trying to get a hold of. It was a miracle. If we had not picked up that Elder, we wouldn't have been in the train station at that time to find their investigator. Then we went to our appointment and got there right after the investigator had gotten off a very difficult phone call. We were there at the perfect time to comfort her and help her. If we would have come earlier, she would have been on the phone. It was incredible. The entire day was completely led by the Lord. What could have been seen as huge annoyances, turned into miracles for us because we were looking for them.
When I came back to Breda, we went to our appointment with one of our new investigators. We had been tried to look her up a few times and had had one super short lesson with her and this was our first real lesson with her. She is incredible! The first words out of her mouth were "I want to be baptized, what do I need to do?" Sister Spencer and I were a little bit shocked. She then told us how the last few years have been really rough and she has been struggling with depression. Her sister was baptized in Peru about two months ago and told her to look up the church because we could help. She told us that she had been praying for help and that the Lord would show her which direction to go. She said that the day after she had reached her lowest and was pleading with the lord, we showed up at her door. I can't believe we were there at just the perfect time. The Lord is guiding our footsteps every day. We are seeing miracles every day. This lady is preparing to be baptized on the 21st of June! It was truly incredible.
These are just a few of the miracles we are seeing every day. Every day we pray for miracles, look for them, recognize when they happen, write them down, and then express gratitude. We are realizing that as we follow this pattern, not only are we being blessed with more miracles but that they are always happening if we would just look for them.

I love this work and I am so grateful to be a part of other people's stories. I feel honored and blessed to be a servant of the Lord. I feel honored to be bringing people the light of the gospel! I can't wait to see what is in store!! Miracles will continue to follow!!
Wonders gebeurt elke dag!
Zuster Adams

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