Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I love being a missionary!

Being a missionary is so great!!! I really love it!! This week was another adventure as I'm sure every week is going to be.
The funny things that happened this week: We cooked cookies in our microwave(its possible), went to this little village to contact a referral...he wasn't home and then we met this Turkish guy on the street...he said he was trying to go to America...so we said "we are from America" he replied that he was trying to marry someone from America so he could immigrate easier...scary!!! We got away as quickly as possible...he has our number though(we gave him our card before talking to him) and called us to meet up yesterday...we are avoiding all calls from him, we have a fifteen year old stalker who followed us around until we told him we were going to call the police...hopefully he stays away, as a sister missionary you get a lot of cat calls from cars and boats on the canals...it is not fun, on the way back from Eindhoven this week someone committed suicide by jumping in front of the train(this is not the funny part, that part is really sad) but we were stuck on the train for two hours and then they pulled another train along the side of our train and we walked on a grate from one train to the other...we went Train Hopping!, the Elders tried to get all three of them on my bike and ride to our dinner appointment...it didn't last very long but was very funny to watch. And I believe those are a few of the note worthy moments! Oh I got to eat lunch with Susannah Boom which was really fun!! It was nice to see a familiar face!!
Wow, I love being a missionary. This week wasn't necessarily amazing or special in any specific way but I just truly began to love it here. The day would seem hard or long and then we would find one person that wanted to talk to us or give away a Book of Mormon and the whole day would be worth it! I am finding that the Lord gives us just enough things in a day to keep us going. At the end of every day, I say "wow, I love this!!" This work is just so fulfilling! You talk to people all day about Jesus Christ and his gospel. You get to see people's lives change. There is nothing more incredible than seeing someone's life change! We have two investigators that are super close to baptism and it has been amazing to see them progress!! They are so close!!! Ahh it is really exciting and it makes waking up each morning all that more meaningful! The Netherlands is gorgeous! Spring is so beautiful! Every day, I just feel the Lord's love and come to a greater knowledge of the gospel every day. I love my companion!! She is a great strength to me and we help each other a lot!! It was really exciting when I woke up this week and it felt like home. It felt like this was my reality and it was normal. I knew that this is where I am supposed to be!! I love living here and working here! I am having so much fun and I can't wait to see what this week brings. I am scared because people have warned me that once you start loving your mission...the time flies by. So I am going to do my best to savor every minute!! I love being a missionary and I love the Dutch people! The Lord is blessing me so much and I am so grateful!!
Dit Evangelie is waar!

Zuster Adams

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