Monday, April 14, 2014

Miracles happen once in a while...if you believe!

Wow, I feel like every letter I write home will start with that!! This
week feels like a whole year! So many incredible things have
happened!! '

I'll start with the funny things: it is so ridiculously windy here...I
almost fell off my bike from the excessive wind...annoying!! We are
constantly biking up hill essentially because the wind is so strong.
My legs are getting strong. On Monday we rode through a literal
downpour and when we got to a members home we bad that
they brought out a towel for us...embarrassing. I went super close to
Germany on exchanges this was weird but very comforting. A
guy tried to steal our bikes this week. There is some people behind me
right now...that I am pretty sure are crazy...they are talking about
magic and breathing right now...really weird!!! Oh my apartment smells
like weed...welcome to Nederland...We were explaining faith is like a
seed to an investigator this week and they compared a weed seed to
something that starts small and grows really big...oh man....We also
got on the wrong train and bus this week...that was interesting.

On to the spiritual: I can't believe how many miracles we have seen
this week!!! District meeting was great this week!! The Elders in my
District are really awesome. After District mtg, we had a lesson with
Robin and he struggles with a lot of addictions but I was able to bear
my testimony to him of the Atonement. It was amazing to see all the
Dutch I could speak and the powerful testimony I was able to bear!! He
will be baptized. It might take a while but he can do it! I can see
the light within him, it is really cool!! Oh and the Elders that were
at the appointment with us said that they were really impressed with
my Dutch and they didn't think they had spoken that much Dutch in
their first two was a nice compliment. I went to
Maastricht on exchanges this week and that was really fun! They have
an amazing investigator that taught me this week. I met Sis. Woodbury
and she is amazing!! She strengthened me so much!! Thursday, we spent
the entire day contacting and looking up potentials. It was really
long and exhausting but I survived and at the end of the day we had a
great appointment with another investigator. Zuster Spencer and I are
becoming much more unified and it is really exciting!! Okay this is
the coolest part of the whole week!! We had correlation with our ward
mission leader and he told us to pray for miracles. He also told us to
pray to see a specific person. He told us to pray to see them and then
go out and look for them. So we tried it. After we prayed, I saw in my
head someone walking away from us, with a white dog and a leather
jacket. It sounds ridiculous but that is what I saw. Yesterday, we
went out contacting and yes, we found the person I had described. We
found this lady from Venezuela. She has only been in
Nederland for three days and didn't have a phone but told us she would
try to get in touch with us again. She was super positive. I don't
know what is going to happen there but all I can say is the LORD
ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! It was amazing and I still can't believe it
happened. We also gave a Book of Mormon away yesterday. I had the
opportunity to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday and
when I got up there...I couldn't stop crying. It was really cool
though, when I stood up there in front of the ward the spirit
confirmed to me that I am supposed to be here in Breda. This is where
I am supposed to serve. It was a huge tender mercy from the Lord!!

There is so much more I wish I had time to say but this work is
amazing and I am grateful to be a part of it! It is hard work and not
always fun but it is so rewarding!!

Wunders gebeurt!!!
Zuster Adams


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