Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Oranje Week!‏

May 4, 2015

 This week was so amazing and long! It was an 8 day week so honestly it feels like a year has gone by. 

1. My companion and I do not like sauerkraut that fact not at all. We went to a dinner appointment this week and the last time we were there they made potatoes and sauerkraut. We joked earlier in the day that we would be eating that again...guess what she made again...sauerkraut with potatoes. We ate it. I hope that if we eat there again we get something different. I have learned to not complain though. And I am learning to appreciate sauerkraut more. 
2. We were doing look-ups and we happened upon another playground. There was this kid on the merry-go-round yelling in English "I am the king of the World!!" It was pretty funny! He was very proud of himself. He was probably about 12 years old. 
3. We had a lesson with our investigator Frank this week. He is from the Congo and is hillarious. We needed to have our lesson outside on that particular day. It took at least 10 minutes of convincing before we got him to come outside. We found a bench to sit on and he freaked out because it was a "Junky" bench. He kept telling us how junky it was because people that smoke and drink sit there. It was funny. But at least he has the smoking and drinking thing down. 
4. We also found out that stealing bikes is the thing to do here. You learn from a young age to steal bikes and everyone knows how. Everyone just loans each other's bikes...A member told us all about his bike stealing days as a kid. :) No worries, I got a new bike and a massive lock! 

Well this week was amazing! We started out with Konings Dag. It is the Kings Birthday and it is a party!! Everyone brings all the old stuff they own out on the street and sells it to each other. We had a perfect place right on a canal! We started at 8am and were there until 5:30. We were exhausted by the end. We had two tables with a bunch of Book of Mormon's. We had a big huge banner that said We had a ton of success! We started out with an 8 year old coming to our stand and wanting a book in english. He was so excited!! Great way to start out the day. I was handing out cards to everyone that passed. I handed out a card to this father. Ten minutes later he came back. He said he had read the card and wanted the book. He was dutch and from up north. He wrote down his information for the missionaries to come visit him. It was amazing!  We ran out of Book of Mormon's twice. We had to run home and get all our reserves. And the Assistant's to the President had to bring us more. We all got sun-burned but it was worth it. Later this week we had a first appointment with a member's friends. It was hands down the most incredible lesson I have ever taught or been a part of! We went to the member's home. She lives in the cutest little garden home. We ate a delicious vegetarian meal(I have really embraced healthy vegetarian eating on my mission). We got to know her two friends. It was so easy and natural. Usually, I am really nervous teaching member's friends but it was so easy. We started the lesson and they were so prepared. They understood all of the lesson. They had a bunch of somewhat hard questions but we were able to answer all of them and help them with their concerns. It started getting cold outside so we moved inside and sat around a wood burning stove. We then shared about the first vision. The spirit was so strong. They were so excited to get a Book of Mormon. They promised to read and pray. We asked them if they knew it was true, would they get baptized. They both said that that would be the logical next step. It was amazing! My mission dream has been to teach a dutch member referral and a family! Both of the women were dutch. They were both member referrals. And one of the women has is married with 2 kids. It was a dream come true. I was actually kind of discouraged that day because Tobias had called and told us that he was going to Portugal for health reasons and wasn't sure when he was coming back. I was pretty upset. I would love to see someone baptized on my mission and it wasn't going to happen again. But something I have learned a lot recently is that Good things fall apart so better things can fall together. We may not have contact with Tobias for a bit but the Lord let me teach to people that I have been praying to teach my whole mission. I honestly feel that those two women are friends from before. It was like I was teaching some of my best friends that is how natural it felt to teach them. It was as if I had taught them before. I am excited to teach them in two weeks. The Lord answers our prayers! Our dreams are his dreams! He wants us to see success! He will make it happen. We must be patient! Yesterday, our investigator Ike came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it! Also, our investigator Karlijn went to church in another ward and bore her testimony about how God answers prayers. We have an appointment this week and we are excited to hear about her experiences! Life is good here in Amsterdam! This coming week will be really busy! We have exchanges with Ijmuiden, Mission Leader Council, Singing Elder's Concert, and then we get to skype our families! I am excited for what this week will bring! 

De Heer Antwoord elke Gebed! 

Zuster Adams

Koning Dag pictures and We found a Gnome!!! 

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