Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2055 hours left on my mission?‏

May 11, 2015

Well you all might be wondering why the title of this email is the number of hours left on mission. Yesterday, I told my companion how I only have 11 Sundays left. She told me to stop talking like that. So then we calculated the hours so that it seemed like there was a lot more time left. It seemed to work. :)

1. We got lost on our way to a military base this week. I had to get a new military id. We tried to get on a train and accidentally checked into the wrong one. We were about to miss our train. The conductor came over and helped us and held the train for us. It was so nice! We got off that train shortly after that. We were off the train for about an hour and then went back to get on and go home. As the train doors opened someone yelled "Hello Ladies!" it was our conductor friend! He had made a circle with the trains and we got back on his train. It was really funny! We talked to him for a while about who we were and what we were doing in the Netherlands! 

I don't have very many funnies to report this week. I will do better this coming week! :) This week was great though! We found some inactive members that hadn't been visited in a few years. They are open to meeting with us and hopefully coming back to church. We are hopeful. Tuesday, I saw my trainer, Sister Spencer. She was in town with her family and they took us out to lunch. It was so fun to see her and meet her family! On Wednesday, I went to Ijmuiden to work with Sister Verdegem. She is from Belgium and we are the oldest(as in longest on the mission) in the mission. We had a blast! I have never worked with a sister that has been out almost the same time as me. It was great! We spoke a lot of dutch. We had a really fun dinner appointment near tulip fields. The member took us and we got pictures next to the tulip fields. I will hopefully get the pictures soon. Thursday, we had a great appointment with our investigator Karlijn. The previous week she had received an answer that her boyfriend and her are meant to be together. It is a bit of a long story but it was really amazing that she saw the Lord's hand in her life. She was excited to share it with us. We watched a great talk about following the revelation. We talked to her about baptism and what her next steps are. She believes it is true she just wants to make sure she gets baptized for herself and not her member boyfriend. I was able to help her look at getting baptized as something she would be doing for them rather than for him. She knows that if she gets baptized she can be with her boyfriend forever. So with that mind set, getting baptized is something she would do for them. She really liked that. She said that the answer she got is that she is on the right path. She is excited to keep moving forward. We brought an amazing joint teach that really helped her really understand things. Friday was crazy. I spent the day in the mission home at Mission Leader Council. It was so good!! I learned so much! This week we will have our last zone conference with our mission president before he goes home in July. It is so weird!! We will miss them a lot! Saturday was amazing! We had the concert from the singing elders. About 121 people came. Sang songs and told stories of about 4 different people's lives. The title of the production was Journey of No End. They were trying to teach through music that this life is eternal. They started with the birth of a child and then it growing up and getting married and having their own children. I cried through a lot of it. It was just so touching and relate able. I could almost see my life passing before my eyes and then I could see my future. It was amazing! We get to see it again this week in english. I am excited to learn more and to feel the spirit more. We had a lot of people from Amsterdam that came and really enjoyed it! Yesterday was great! Church was a little odd. We left sacrament meeting for about 15min to find our investigator. We found him though and he enjoyed church. It was great skyping my family! I can't believe I will see them in August. It will be a great day! Well life is good here in Amsterdam. We are working hard and having fun! I am learning so much every week! Never forget how much the Lord loves you! 

Ik hou van Amsterdam! 

Zuster Adams

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