Friday, February 6, 2015

The City Life

January 26, 2015

Well this week I said goodbye to Lelystad and said hello to Amsterdam!! Leaving Lelystad was hard. I miss it!! But being in Amsterdam has been a lot of fun. Sorry...I don´t really have any funnies this week. We did bike on snow on Saturday and that was an adventure but other than that I can´t say anything funny happened that was email worthy. 
Before I left Lelystad, I was able to say goodbye to almost everyone in the Branch and express my love for them. They are all wonderful. I really feel like they are my family and will always be my family. I can´t wait to go back and visit in a few weeks!! 

Wednesday, I boarded a train with all of my luggage and bike and headed to Amsterdam. I got to meet Sister Karlson and she is great! I will have to get a picture of her next week. She is from Denver, Colorado and is in her 2nd transfer. So I am finishing her training. She has a great desire to learn and learn to have the faith to create miracles. We have planned for this transfer to be the transfer of Working Miracles! We will work mighty miracles! We live in a house. It has three stories and is really nice. It is really cool! I love how everything is old here. It is great!! I feel like I am back in Europe...:) We saw some pretty great miracles in the few days that I have been here. Yesterday, we were knocking doors and no one was interested. We were almost done with the street when this man opens his door and is super nice. He says he knows things about the mormons and explains that he knows about family history. I had remembered to bring family history cards with me and was able to give him one. I told him that there was a family history center here in Amsterdam and that he would be welcome to come. He then invited us in and I was able to explain everything that we do as missionaries. He was so nice and very interested. We didn´t have very much time so we set up an appointment for next week and told him that we were going to teach him the first lesson. He seemed very interested. He has a family and is Dutch!!! It was amazing!!! Also, he lives a couple of streets away from the Church. While we were there, he told us that he had seen the Elders that morning and were wondering who they were. And then we knocked on his door that night!! It was so cool. The day before Sister Karlson and I had made a pledge to find a family near the church! The Lord answers prayers! I can´t wait to meet with him in a week. Church was great on Sunday. It is so weird being in a ward. There were a good amount of people in church. All the members are super nice and I am excited to work with them. There are 8 missionaries in this ward so that is kind of fun too. The ward mission leader is wonderful and I am excited to work with him more. Good things are happening here in Amsterdam but I think we can definitely up our game! We didn´t get a ton of time to proselyte this week because I had to go to a bunch of meetings to plan Zone Training tomorrow. It will be a good Zone Training. It will be all a new adventure for me but I am sure it will go well. I am looking forward to working with all the sisters that I am over. They are all pretty young missionaries so I hope I can help them have the faith to produce miracles. I know most of them and they are all stellar so it will be fun to learn from them as well. Well I don´t have a ton to say today but I promise to write more next week. Transfer week is always weird! 

Amsterdam is great and I am so happy to be here!! 

Groetjes en Liefs,
Zuster Adams

The apartment buildings where I lived in Lelystad. And another one of my favorite families in Lelystad, Familie Prins! 

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