Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Temples, Tulips, and Aliens!

April 13, 2015

This week was absolutely amazing!! I am at peace with my life and just can't stop smiling. Guess what? I am staying in Amsterdam for another transfer with my amazing companion Sister Mashburn! We are so excited!!! 

1. Sis. Goodman and I were walking home and she yelled "there are frogs all over." She was right. There were 2 frogs on the street. I immediately picked up the frog nearest to me. Sister Goodman was so surprised that that was my first move. I don't think she likes frogs very much. 
2. We watched the general Women's Session with our investigator Karlijn. In General Conference they always say at the end of a quote ''End of quote." Karlijn was so confused as to why they said that. We had to explain that they also say quote at the beginning of a quote. It was pretty funny. None of us really knew why they do that. 
3. We were talking about black mailing people and Elder Fowkes asked "Can you white mail people?, I am going to tell everyone nice things about you, hah!" It was hillarious! 
4. Our new investigator Tobias thinks that Sister Mashburn is an Alien...haha. We were giving the first lesson and he out of the blue asks if Sister Mashburn is an Alien. We assured him that she wasn't. He said that he is scared of religious people because he is worried that they will fly away and he will have to follow them. He grabbed Sister Mashburn's arm before we left and said very firmly "Don't fly away." It was so funny. 
5. We meet with this amazing couple from England. The wife is a member and the husband is not. While we were eating dinner, we did english accents for them and they did american accents for us! It was awesome! We were laughing so hard. 
6. I got attacked by my bike this week. 

This week was so good!!! We started out with a really good lesson with our investigator Ike. We taught the Plan of Salvation and he asked amazing questions. His friend sat in on the lesson and took a Book of Mormon. He is so open to learning. We then headed down to Gouda to spend the night. We got up early the next morning and went to the Temple. It was the last time I will be in the Temple on my mission. It was a wonderful session. The spirit was so strong! I learned so much and had so many questions answered. I was worried about if I should keep studying International Relations. But while I was sitting in the Celestial Room, I received a confirmation that I do indeed need to study that. I am relieved and excited! After going to the Temple we went to the Tulip fields. It was beautiful. There were not very many tulips bloomed but there were some beautiful daffodils. We kind of froze though. I was ambitious and didn't wear a coat...not very smart. 3 of my fingers turned white. It was cold. But we had a lot of fun! We met with a bunch of less-active and inactive people this week. They all had lots of reasons as to why they are not coming to church. We did have a weird miracle with one lady. She explained why she isn't coming to church. It mainly was because she didn't feel welcome in Amsterdam. I was very honest with her about Amsterdam. There are improvements to be made in Amsterdam. I told her that we need her help to help things get better here. I don't usually do that with less actives. She was touched by my honesty and has decided to church in 2 weeks. And hopefully permanently come back in the future. It was a complete change from the beginning of the appointment. At the beginning of the appointment, she was very negative and by the end she was thanking us for coming and a lot more positive. It was amazing! We hope to see her next week. We had a good appointment with Karlijn this week. We asked her to live as if she was a member and she promised to do that. She really wants to get an answer to get baptized. I think her answer will come soon! Our first lesson with Tobias was amazing!!!!!!! His mother was a member in Portugal. She is passed away now but I really think she is working on the other side to help her son join the church. He came to church on Sunday and loved it! He was asking so many good questions! Church was amazing! 152 people were in Sacrament Meeting. That is the most they have had in a long time. It was amazing! The Singing Elders(Elders only called to sing) came to our Sacrament Meeting and did an amazing job. They were able to make a ton of appointments with the members and will be teaching them about missionary work to help them invite their friends to their music fireside in a month. The ward is on an uphill!! I could just feel the excitement on Sunday. Probably the most exciting moment of Sunday was that my companion and I are staying together! We are so excited and have been praying to stay together. We are going to do amazing work. The weather is getting so much better! It was so warm. We took naps on the grass by a canal. It was splendid. I love spring!! Life is so good right now. 

Ik hou van mijn leven!! 

Zuster Adams

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