Friday, December 12, 2014

The downhill....I'm halfway??

Nov. 24, 2014

Well here I am emailing again! This email is going out a little bit later today because we had a Zone P-day in Den Haag and we had a Turkey Bowl (played American football) Almere District vs. Den Haag District. It was so much fun!! I made some good completions and almost scored a Touchdown, all in honor of the Oregon Ducks! I love my Ducks! Although to be fair, I also wore my BYU shirt to represent my school.
I just want to start my saying that my companion is amazing! I love her! We laugh all day long and are crazy. I love it. I make up crazy songs on the bikes about being a missionary and she appreciates them, which automatically makes her amazing! But why I am saying all this is because we always get to the end of the day and try to think of all the funny things and can’t seem to remember what was funny…bit of a problem considering funnies are my favorite part of emailing. I do have one funny for this week though. We went to Schiphol International Airport so we could switch back companions and I read the New York Time. I was flipping through the paper and there wasn’t anything that I was particularly interested in. Then I flip a page and look down and I thought that I saw a picture of BYU campus…weird. So I look back and sure enough it is BYU. The best part is that the article is on the BYU rule against facial hair. Some kid is trying to get it changed so that men can have facial hair at BYU. But what was funny is that I am in Nederland reading the International New York Times and apparently facial hair rules are important enough to be in the newspaper. It was great.
This week was incredible!! I don’t even know where to begin. We are working to build good relationships with members right now and so we made cookies for a ton of the members this week and brought them to them. It was the happiest I’ve felt in a long time. I just love seeing people’s eyes light up when they are happy. The members loved it and it felt good to know that we had served them. I went to Den Haag on exchange and I really enjoyed it. We have an investigator named Tita and he is slowly progressing more and more. This past week, I promised him that if he prayed, read his scriptures, and came to church that he would receive an answer that the Church is true. It was a really powerful lesson. He followed through on all commitments. I don’t know if he received an answer yet. We have an appointment this coming Friday. Our investigator Vivian is doing amazing! We talked to him about quitting smoking and we brought a calendar for him to pick a day. I started to suggest Christmas or New Years. He surprised us all and picked 2 weeks from last Saturday to stop. He knows the church is true and wants to change his life. I love that man. There is a member in our Branch that grew up in Idaho and she makes Thanksgiving dinner every year I had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. It was wonderful! Sunday we had a visitor’s service at the church. The Elders had three people in Church and we had three too!!! That is the most I have had in my whole time in Lelystad. Allister, Vivian, and Tita came to church. I think they liked it and the Branch members were awesome about welcoming them in. The work is going really well here in Lelystad and I am really grateful for all the progress I have seen in the time that I have been here.
This week was halfway…it is super weird but the feeling that I felt this week was peace. A lot of missionaries look back and don’t feel satisfied with their efforts but for being halfway, I feel really good about everything I have done. I have worked hard, seen miracles, and grown a lot. I thankfully, have another 9 months to go. I love being here. I love being a missionary and seeing other people change but honestly the most incredible part is seeing how much I have grown. Missionary work is based so much on the agency of others and in the end it is up to the people we teach if they want to change. But I have the choice every day to become better. I have learned so much and have become more firmly planted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Life is good here in Lelystad! I don’t think I will be here next transfer which is good but I am really going to try and enjoy my time left here! Christmas is coming and I love how there are lights in the Centrum now. This week Sister Robbins and I are performing a musical number for our Zone Conference when a quorum of the seventy member is coming. It will be great!
Het leven is geweldig en ik hou ervan om zendeling te zijn!
Zuster Adams

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