Monday, November 3, 2014

I LOVE scary people!...hahaha

This week was a rather unconventional missionary week with missionary work mixed in. It was marvelous though and my new companion is awesome!! 

Funnies for the week: 
1. We carved pumpkins with a family in the Branch and their daughter spent the whole time telling me what to do...she has never carved a pumpkin before and she is about 4 years old. It was pretty funny. 
2. We cleaned the insides of about 10 pumpkins out to help out the youth. Oh my many pumpkins. We also then spent a considerable amount of time sorting the through the pumpkin guts to get seeds...our hands were so gross. 
3. Sister Robbins and I had some struggles with our bikes this week...we ran into poles, our chains fell off, and I'm sure there is more. We had to call a member to bring us screw drivers because the chains on bikes all have plastic cages around them to stop the rain from rusting we were stuck on the side of the road waiting for screw drivers to get the cage off. Then a random lady helped us put the chain back on. She got so dirty for us. Bless her soul! We gave her a card in the end...sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways...this time it was having your bikes dramatically fall over and then both chains coming off. :)
4. So the Branch hosted a stake dance this past Friday and it was a Halloween theme. We were in charge of helping in the haunted house. I stood in a Coffin(that we made out of cardboard boxes) and scared so many people! It was amazing. One girl when I jumped out, fell on the ground and screamed. It was great!! It felt very a missionary but I guess you do what you got to do to help the members. The Elders hid underneath tables and grabbed peoples legs and my companion jumped out and screamed happy halloween as people left the room. It was marvelous. 
Me in a coffin--I think I'm a little too scary looking.

Part of our haunted house

This week was very full of miracles and now that I am reflecting upon it, I am pretty amazed! We had an appointment with our investigator Maria and she is doing amazing. We brought her a baptismal calendar this week and she really wants to get baptized. She can't come to church because she takes care of her elderly mother...but we are praying that something happens so she can start to come to church. She wants to come so bad. I love her! She understands so much. It is truly incredible! On transfer day, things got a little crazy because Sister Heilner needed to be in Leiden at 9 o'clock...but bikes aren't allowed on the trains before we were faced with a dilemma. We had planned to get help from the Sisters in Almere but they missed their train. But miracles happen and the sisters from Leeuwarden just happened to be on the train and train car that we got on. We switched companions and Sister Alduous and I went back to Lelystad and got the bike. It was a miracle because then we ended up teaching the 1st lesson to a man on the train. It was really cool. We had a lesson with Vivian this week and it went so good. He had brought us this document on his religion from Suriname. It included vodu and other strange things and I wasn't sure how to handle, telling him that he couldn't keep doing those things. We brought the Elders on joint teach and it turned out to be amazing. Vivian totally understood that it was bad. He just wanted to know if he could still join the church. He is so open and willing to change!! He then came for the first time to church on Sunday and loved it. Everyone welcomed him in and just loved him! It was truly a miracle. Fast Sunday is a miraculous day on a mission. Yesterday was amazing! We decided to go contacting in the Center of the City. I had kind of had it with people rejecting me...and had kind of said "Heavenly Father, I don't know if I can be rejected one more time." The first lady we talked to we ended up sharing a scripture with her and setting up an appointment for this week. It was amazing. Then we kept walking and we turn a corner and these three 15 year old girls start freaking out and pointing at us. They started saying Mormonen!! We were very confused and asked them how they knew us. Turns out 2 of the girls are members from Ecuador that just moved here and have been looking for the church. They were so excited to find us and finally know how to get to church. Their friend isn't a member but wants to come to church with them on Sunday. It was incredible that we just happened to decide to contact in the center at that time. The Lord is so involved and He puts us where we need to be, even we don't realize what is going on. Being a missionary is hard but so fulfilling and I am grateful to see the hand of the Lord in my life every day!!

Sis. Robbins first Stroppwafel.  I'm so proud!
My new companion Sister Robbins is my first companion from Utah! She is from Riverton, Utah and she is super nice!! I love her and she has an amazing love for the work! We have decided to make this next transfer A Season of Joy! I can't wait to see the miracles that come!

Fijne Week en Groetjes van Lelystad! 

Zuster Adams 

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