Thursday, February 20, 2014

MTC 1st day

Well I have survived my first day at the MTC!!! I am seriously overwhelmed with information but I am feel more and more confident with each minute. I had my first lesson in was rough but it will come. My German knowledge is kinda getting in the way but I am trying to follow Sister Heilner's advice and just forget my German. So guess what??? I kinda don't have a companion...I am known as a Solo Sister. I have a companion but she is only with me in our residence hall, at meals, and at certain activities. She is going on her mission to Romania so we are learning different languages, we are in different zones and branches. She is really nice and I think we are going to get along great!! I was kinda nervous for the adjust to having a companion so I am kinda happy that I get the chance to have a stepping stone first. As long as I am with two other Elders then I am okay. It is really weird!!! I am so TIRED!!! I am going to sleep good tonight!!! I love you so much!! I hope things are going well since I talked to you!! The sister in my zone's name is Allison Marie...CRAZY!!!!!!! She is awesome and I can't help but love her with that name!! I am beginning to love the MTC!! I am in the right place and this work is amazing!!! Can't wait to learn more!!
Zuster Adams

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